One of the nation’s biggest anti-life organizations, NARAL came out with a statement condemning Herman Cain’s pro-life stance. It’s in the news this week. Then, today, a group of African America Leaders affirmed Mr. Cain’s pro-life position. See below.

There should be absolutely no question or concern that Mr. Cain is pro-life. It is also important to note that he is pro-America, pro-better quality of life, pro-improving the economy, and his out front 9-9-9 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs economic recovery plan is definitely a pro-better quality of life winner. Pizza Magnate Cain, Leader Cain, Statesman Cain – whatever you choose to call him – Herman Cain is pro-life, and in his own words, “end of story.”

Press Release:

Black Pro-Life Leaders Affirm Herman Cain’s Pro-Life Position
For more information contact Pastor Stephen Broden at 214-394-0098

Black Pro-Life leaders are carefully evaluating all presidential candidates and their positions concerning abortion and the right to life. Therefore, this letter is not an endorsement of Herman Cain’s candidacy for President; it is rather a recognition of his clear Pro-Life position and years of participation to end the staggering abortion rate in the Black community and in the general population of America.

We the undersigned stand in full support of Mr. Cain’s stated Pro-Life position of affirming life from conception until natural death; his strong support for a Human Life Amendment; and his history of involvement in the Pro-Life community’s fight for life. Cain’s pro-life stance, coupled with his history of support both financially and otherwise, clearly represent that Mr. Cain is a bona fide Pro-Life candidate.

Here are a few examples of Mr. Cain’s active involvement in issues related to the Pro-Life concerns: during his 2004 campaign for Senate in Georgia Mr. Cain made life one of his main issues, he signed Georgia Right to Life’s affirmation which is one of the more strict affirmations in the nation. And it is widely reported that he has made contributions exceeding a million dollars to promote the Pro-Life message in the Black Community.

The life issue in the Black community is a matter of urgency especially for those of us who are deeply concerned about the specific targeting of our community by Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers in the abortion industry. We have determined that Herman Cain’s position on abortion is consistent with those within the Pro-Life community.

Pastor Stephen E. Broden, Fair Park Bible Fellowship , Dallas, Texas
Catherine Davis, Founder Restoration Project, Atlanta, Georgia
Dr. Day Gardner, President National Black Pro-Life Union, Washington, DC
Walter B. Hoye ll, Issues 4 Life Foundation, Union City, California
Dr. Alveda King, King for America, Atlanta, Georgia
Pastor Dean Nelson, Vice President, Frederick Douglass Foundation, Washington, DC


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