Is Herman Cain Pro-Life? Part 3

Is Herman Cain Pro-Life? Part 3

I reached out to the Cain camp top get their official statement on his pro-life stance. This is what I received.

Dr. King,

Below is a statement for our supporters:


As President Mr. Cain will uphold the prolife movement legislatively. But one cannot legislate morality in this situation. That’s the point he was trying to make in the Piers Morgan interview, but it was taken completely out of context. Yes, as President he will work to advance a culture of life. To stop abortion, winning the legal battle is not enough. We also have to win the moral battle, so that families make fully informed decisions. Mr. Cain believes that life begins at conception — and supports life until natural death.

As a culture, we cannot end abortion until we 1) accept that human life begins at conception and 2) understand that a human at the earliest stage of development is every bit as human as one in a later stage of development, out of the womb. A baby is no less human than an adult. The same principle applies in the womb. This is a civil rights issue. It has spiritual implications. Choices like these are not made by legislators. While politicians may have the power to make abortion illegal, the most important thing is to make people understand and respect life enough at all stages of development, from beginning to end.

God bless,

J.D. Gordon
Vice President, Communications
Senior Adviser, Foreign Policy & Security
Friends of Herman Cain
P.O. Box 2158
Stockbridge, Georgia 30281
OFFICE: (678) 601-2772


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