Fact Checker Spins Deceptive Abortion Web

Fact Checker Spins Deceptive Abortion Web

“something is really off about this article. Usually the fact checker gives us the quote from the politician and then the actual facts. But this time, he gave us spin….” – Reader

I was outraged by an opinion article by Fact Checker’s Glenn Kessler in which he supposedly checked the facts about the comments Herman Cain said in an interview with Face the Nation’s host Bob Schieffer. The comments that were “fact checked” were comments related to Planned Parenthood’s eugenics history, their continued desire to facilitate abortions instead of really helping women, and the placement of a majority of their abortion clinics in minority neighborhoods, namely Black communities.

I wrote “fact checked” because Mr. Kessler didn’t just give us the facts but added his own opinion and then back up his claims by a statement made by and abortion business itself that Cain criticized. Why wasn’t any pro-life organizations contacted to validate Cain’s statements. Even a reader felt the article was skewed when he said, “something is really off about this article . . . this time, he gave us spin….”

What Herman Cain said in his interview was accurate. The abortion industry and the pro-abortion supporters can spin it any way they want but the truth is the truth. The statement about the clinics is verified by a report by Life Dynamics. Planned Parenthood does target the Black community and has been documented as accepting donations specifically earmarked for the abortion of a black baby.

A new video released by the National Black Pro-Life Coalition, “We’ve Been Guttmacher’d” speaks to the issue of clinic locations and their black population.

Another point is the article is the statement by Veronica Byrd, director of African American media, where she said that my uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. praised Margaret Sanger’s work. For years they have been trying to say that Uncle Martin supported their work and would still support it today. They point to his receiving the PPFA Margaret Sanger Award as proof of his support. I have been writing and blogging about this for years trying to set the record straight. Check out these two links HERE and HERE to find out the real truth about the award.

My uncle once said, “The Negro cannot win . . . if he is willing to sell the future of his children for his personal and immediate comfort and safety.” Abortion is decimating the Black community. Aborting a baby for one’s own personal comfort and safety is not something that my uncle would approve of.

Abby Johnson, a former director of a Texas Planned Parenthood abortions clinic has also spoken out against the “more” abortions mentality of the abortion giant. As a former director she has an inside track on their business model. After seeing an ultrasound guided abortion, she knew she could no longer work for Planned Parenthood. She left her job and placed her life in God’s hands. You can read her story in unPlanned.

In his article, Kessler quotes Ellen Chesler, board member for Planned Parenthood and Sanger’s biographers, “There is no denying that she allowed herself to become caught up [downplaying her role] in the eugenic zeal of the day and occasionally used language open to far less laudable interpretations,” including at one point saying birth control would lead to the creation of a “race of thoroughbreds.”

Sanger did much more that “become caught up” in the eugenics movement. She was a staunch advocate of the movement. A quick Google search of her name brings up many websites that talk about her. I like these ones in particular, Page1 and Page2.

And as for her ‘language’ being “open to far less laudable interpretations,” I don’t know too many ways to interpret her saying that “colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated. Other sayings hard to interpret any other way are in Page1 link above.

Additionally, Kessler tries to make you believe that Margaret Sanger was not racist by saying, “As with any historical figure, it is important to place Sanger’s views and attitudes in the context of her times.” In her times, she spoke at a KKK rally and wrote in an autobiography about the event, “I accepted an invitation to talk to the women’s branch of the Ku Klux Klan…I saw through the door dim figures parading with banners and illuminated crosses…I was escorted to the platform, was introduced, and began to speak…In the end, through simple illustrations I believed I had accomplished my purpose. A dozen invitations to speak to similar groups were proffered.” (Margaret Sanger: An Autobiography, P.366)

Examining another historical figure, Adolf Hitler, I’m sure that Kessler would say that Hitler probably didn’t really want to kill the Jews just because he ordered their deaths once you look at his views and attitudes in the context of his times.


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