Christmas Season Entertainment

Christmas Season Entertainment

Every Christmas season the entertainment industry puts out movies to attract moviegoers to the theatres. And it seems that the movies like the decorations start earlier and earlier each year. It’s not uncommon to start seeing Christmas movies coming out in early November. And in our culture today, not all movies that are being put out are good. One such movie this year is “A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas.” This movie shows lesbian scenes involving nuns, obscenities hurled at Our Lord Jesus Christ, and trashing of the Blessed Virgin Mary to name a few.

With the number of movies released during this holiday season, there are plenty to choose from that are not offensive and have a more positive message for the viewers. Some are just plain inspiring, while others are your basic Christmas good cheer and others have nothing to do with Christmas but are your classic big movie release. Whatever your taste, whatever your flavor of movie I hope you will check it out before you head on down to the movie theatre and let them film companies know that you will not put up with some of the smut they like to push for entertainment by avoiding that are anti-Christian.

A good idea is to check out the video section in your local Christian book store for life affirming movies you and the family can watch together.

May your Christmas season this year be filled with good fun, and good cheer!


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