Hope You Had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope You Had a Happy Thanksgiving!

This year the pro-life movement has much to be thankful for.

The shocking, award-winning documentary, “180”, received over one and a half million views. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it.

Many states across the country are introducing legislation in their perspective states to help bring an end to abortion and close down abortion killing centers. Legislation like personhood initiatives, abortion facility regulation, heartbeat bills, fetal pain bills and others. Not all are passing and those that are passed are being challenged on appeal. Either way, this is all good news because we have the momentum. Planned Parenthood has been on the defense most of the year as are others in the abortion industry as they see their stranglehold slipping away.

Several polls this year showed a shift towards pro-life view. One poll showed that a majority of Americans favoring laws that restricted abortions while others showed that most people stated that they thought abortion should be legal in a few or no cases.

Live Action continued to expose Planned Parenthood and all the lies they tell in an effort to protect their government funded killing abortion business.

unPlanned, the revealing book written by Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood of Texas Director, was released and has been instrumental in exposing Planned Parenthood from an insider who quit her job after assisting in an ultrasound guided abortion and witnessing the baby struggle for its life. Abby has since hit the pro-life speaking circuit and is speaking out against abortion.

Here at Priests for Life African-American Outreach, we visited many cities this year and shared the message of life, encouraging many prolife warriors and new members of the movement. Visit Frontlines for the latest.

Most of all, as we approach Christmas and celebrate the birth of our Lord, we at Priests for Life thank God for His love towards us all. God bless you!


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