Love Never Fails

Love Never Fails

Often, people ask me the most impactful message my Uncle Martin Luther (M.L.) made that touched my life. His message of universal Agape Love has always resonated for me. When I ask people what basic requirements people have to sustain life, generally the answer is food, shelter, water and clothing; not necessarily in that order. When I explain that these basic elements are necessary, there is one essential that is often overlooked: LOVE. Notice that the point here is Agape Love, not eros (sex and romance), not even philia (affection, friendship). Now abides faith, hope and love; the greatest of these is AGAPE (LOVE) – God’s love.

Babies are conceived/fertilized in the process of human acts that bring sperms and eggs together. Sometimes, these are acts involved in expression of romantic love, but not always. Even so – whether eros, philia or agape are involved or not – the babies, once conceived and fertilized, are persons, human beings. Some people even suggest that abortion is an act of love and mercy, because in their minds abortions rescue babies from possible lives of sickness or poverty, etc. Well, the fruit of such thinking can nurture some unexpected outcomes. For example, what about the people who kill people after they are born because they can’t feed them, or clothe them? Where does it ever end?

In the midst of a controversial lecture series recently, I made the point that AGAPE LOVE is the primary human element that is often missing in life. When you get a moment, check out a report from that visit here.

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