Confusing Pointing Out Gendercide With Being Judgmental

Confusing Pointing Out Gendercide With Being Judgmental

Have you ever noticed that when you point out when someone is doing something wrong they accuse you of being judgmental? Such has been the case in the latest of Live Action‘s “sting” videos regarding the abortion industry’s willingness to perform abortions based on the gender of the baby. When it is discovered that an abortion center is willing to abort a baby simply because it is a girl, the center’s answer “[i]n response to the incident [as reported by NBC 17], A Woman’s Choice said, “Because every pregnant woman’s situation is different, and can become highly complicated and difficult due to countless medical and personal circumstances, it is our policy to provide care to our patients free of judgment regarding their private, individual circumstances,””

This is not an isolated incident. Live action has released numerous videos that show one after another abortion center willing and even encouraging the undercover “mother” to get the abortion if the baby is a girl and then try to get pregnant again just months later and try for a boy.

In the third video from Arizona, where it is illegal to do an abortion based on the sex of the baby, an abortion clinic worker is caught agreeing to do a late-term sex-selection abortion. Even in the other states where it is not illegal, it’s still wrong and it’s discrimination based on gender.

Slavery was once legal in many states but it was still wrong. It took a long time for this nation to correct the wrong. Are we to sit around and let Planned Parenthood do whatever they want because they have a lot of money and influence or are we to be more like the aboitionist of past days and fight to right a wrong?

We must stop the abortion industry from waging the real “war on women.” We can begin by defunding the largest provider of abortions in the United States, Planned Parenthood.


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