Derzis Ruling And Award Is A Sin And A Shame

Derzis Ruling And Award Is A Sin And A Shame

Regarding the Derzis ruling, “The judge has proposed a new legal doctrine: A dangerous abortion clinic is better than no abortion clinic. We beg to differ.” – Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue

To make matters worse, the abortion industry keeps saying this about abortions: We want them to be safe and rare. Yet every time that new laws are proposed that would do just that, they sue for injunctions and try to fight the laws saying how that would make it harder for women to get abortions.

Whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice I would think that any law that would make it safer for women to get abortions would be a welcomed law. That is not the case in many states and certainly not in Mississippi.

Mississippi passed a law that required anyone performing abortions in the state to be a licensed Ob-Gyn and have professional privileges allowing them to admit patients to a local hospital. The Jackson Women’s Health Organization in Jackson, MS, Mississippi’s only abortion mill, has neither.

The law was passed in March and was supposed to have taken effect on July 1, 2012. The Jackson Women’s Health Organization filed suit on June 27 to block the law from going into effect stating that the law was passed as an effort to close down their abortion clinic and not to protect the safety of women. A federal judge granted them a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO).

As reported by Operation Rescue, on Friday, July 6 the state filed a brief outlining the health risks to women from the abortion clinic. “The brief, submitted by Special Assistant Attorney General Benjamin Bryant, cited the recent closure of Alabama’s New Woman All Women after the Alabama Department of Public Health discovered 76 pages of violations, including “evidence that clinic staff failed to respond to complaints of post-surgical complications.” New Woman All Women was owned by Diane Derzis, who also owns the Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

“Instead of remedying the violations, Derzis agreed to close the abortion clinic and disaffiliate from any one that might attempt to relicense the facility.

“The State’s brief also cited a lawsuit filed in 2011 by abortionist Joseph Booker, a former employee of the Jackson Women’s Health Organization (JWHO) who sued the clinic “alleging that Derzis had instituted numerous practices that jeopardized the health and safety of patients, including:

• Permitting untrained staff to perform and interpret ultrasounds, despite the fact that accurate ultrasound are vital to the medical safety of patients.
• Pressure from the JWHO administrator to administer RU486 abortion pills in a manner that is “dangerous” and not approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
• Belief that JWHO does not carry malpractice insurance.
• JWHO is jeopardizing patient safety by not using a “local doctor who has hospital admitting privileges” when administering RU486 because of the “real risk of severe hemorrhage” and “the risk of ectopic pregnancy” associated with the drug.

“The State noted that as the Supreme Court abortion rulings currently stand, “the right to abortion services belongs to the women who access those services – not to the physicians who provide them.” Parker has claimed that his right to perform abortions is jeopardized by the new law, when no such Constitutional right exists.”

On July 13, Judge Daniel P. Jordon III ruled that Mississippi House Bill 1390 could go into effect but that the penalties could not be enforced. As Troy Newman said in a statement regarding the ruling, “It is reprehensible that the JWHO should it be allowed to continue to endanger the lives and health of women simply because it is the last abortion clinic in Mississippi. Women deserve better than to have the Court ignore serious health risks inflicted upon them by fly-by-night abortionists who swoop into Mississippi from out-of-state, only to leave the matter of complications to emergency room staff that have to figure out on their own what happened.

The judge has proposed a new legal doctrine: A dangerous abortion clinic is better than no abortion clinic. We beg to differ.”

It seems that every week I read an article about a woman being transported by ambulance to a hospital after complications from an abortion. It seems to be happening even more lately. And to top that many complications associated with abortions go unreported and are misdiagnosed at doctor’s offices and hospitals.

Even the media does a poor job in reporting such incidents. In fact, the bias media plays these incidents down and try to paint abortionists in a better light than many deserve. Such is the case in Mississippi where The Daily Beast did a featured story on Diane Derzis, the owner of the Jackson Women’s Health Organization. The article paints her as if she was a saint, and maybe to pro-abortionists she is, and doesn’t make any mention of any of the safety problems she had in Alabama where she was in violation of a host of safety issues.

I am constantly dumbfounded that the rights of abortionists seem to always be placed ahead of the rights of the patient. Many rulings by judges send the message that abortionists have a right to make millions of dollars performing abortions even if women get hurt or killed. Regulations for abortion clinics are so lax and unenforced that many times clinics are staffed by unqualified personnel.

I’ll leave you with the story of Suzanne who went in for an abortion and came out paralyzed from the neck down and needing a wheelchair to get around. Read more HERE.


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