Why did so many vote for President Obama in 2008?

Why did so many vote for President Obama in 2008?

As an African American, as a woman, as a Christian, and as human being, I’ve been asking myself, “Why did no many people vote for President Obama in 2008 – why????”

Why did over 50% of Catholics…

Why did over 90% of African Americans…

Why did so many Christians…

Why did so many women…

Vote for the most abortion supporting, homosexual marriage supporting, trash the economy supporting President in American History??????

Why did President Obama win the women’s vote in 2008?

President Obama appeals to women’s need for independence and control over their bodies and their reproductive freedom. This desire for women’s rights is not a bad desire. But women still believe that abortion and contraceptives are health care. They are not! Abortion kills babies and even women.

And the population that is harmed the most by abortion is the Black women. Case in point is Tonya Reaves who died on July 20, 2012 after having a botched abortion at a Planned Parenthood killing center in Chicago, Illinois.

Why a woman would vote for a candidate who promises health benefits and delivers death is beyond me – except for the fact that we know that people are being deceived. The lie is that abortion and contraceptives are health care. The truth is that health care prevents sickness and cures disease. A baby is not a sickness, a pregnancy is not a disease. But the so called cure of abortion and contraceptives kill babies and harm women.

People do not have all of the facts. There are harmful side effects from using contraceptives and getting abortions; increased risks of breast cancer, cervical cancer, strokes, heart attacks, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, and any more.

Women are making important decisions regarding their bodies without having all the necessary information. Abortion and contraception (surgery and drugs) hurt women. They are NOT healthcare.

All too often all across the country, women are being transported to hospitals after botched abortions. You might ask, “why haven’t I heard about this?” The mainstream media doesn’t want to report this information. If you don’t read pro-life blogs regularly, I’m not surprised that you haven’t heard these vital facts.

And forget about the abortion industry telling you the truth. They haven’t done that ever. Just recently I heard of a young lady who was told by an abortion facility that she wasn’t pregnant with a baby but that all it was was “a sac filled with fluid and tissue.”

Women think that President Obama is a friend to women. He is not. He is not pro-life. Abortion is not healthcare. Abortion kills women and abortion kills babies, real human persons in their earliest stages of their development but human persons just the same.

People are misinformed. Let the truth be told.


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