More Prayers and Support for Israel

More Prayers and Support for Israel

Alveda with (left to right) daughter Jennifer, son Eddie and wife Ebonie, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Molla and Consul General Aviran.
Last Sunday, I was invited by my good and refreshing friend Linda Dean to a reception for supporters of Israel. Linda is a faithful woman of God. I can’t thank her enough for remembering me.

I told Linda about my trip to Israel with Minister Victoria Hearst of Praise Him Ministries and Pastor John Peyton of Reconciliation Community Church. You can see that visit on Frontlines at

So you can imagine that I felt quite at home at the Israel reception in a lovely private Atlanta home. The special guests were Consul General Opher Aviran and the keynote speaker, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Shlomo Molla M. K.

Can you imagine my joy at hearing the testimony of a man who was among the Ethiopian Jews returning to Israel in 1983? It was just heart stirring! There were two waves of the exodus back then: Much of the Beta Israel community returned home from Ethiopia to Israel during two tremendous waves of Diaspora mounted by the Israeli government – “Operation Moses” (1984) and during “Operation Solomon” (1991). Mr. Molla, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset was part of the first stages of Operation Moses.

As part of the delegation, he and his childhood friend experienced many trials as they crossed the desert and jungles to get to Israel. Upon their arrival, they were greeted by Sudanese gunfire, and his friend was killed. After being imprisoned for 91 days, the brave and courageous young Mr. Molla was released; and today he lives to lead his people and tell his remarkable story; available at


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