People need education and jobs – not abortions! Defund Planned Parenthood!

People need education and jobs – not abortions! Defund Planned Parenthood!

When asked about what we should do with the one million dollars per day tax money that Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider receives, I keep waiting for someone to say PEOPLE NEED JOBS, NOT ABORTIONS! What’s wrong with defunding Planned Parenthood and using that annual $365 multi-million dollar entitlement they’ve been getting to give states the opportunity to help students, families and struggling individuals in need of jobs?

Let’s say each participating state receives $7 million to extend the K-12 education system to K-14; assist matriculating families with children and allow for career centers that would work with employers in placing graduates in jobs. An extra motivation could be creative tax incentives to hiring companies. That’s about $350 million dollars, with $15 million left for a lean administrative/accountability budget.

Such a plan would guarantee associate degrees for students in the fields of technology, trade vocations, arts and science and the like. A plan like this would bolster the economy, and offer young Americans hope in the form of scholarships and or jobs instead of abortions—is that a novel or farfetched thought?

For the naysayers who would suggest that the population in need would be better served with abortions and dangerous chemical birth control, let’s just say if you keep the population in need busy, productive, successful, achievement focused and hopeful, they can be encouraged to climb rather than sink into a culture of death. Why don’t we save babies in the womb and also rescue our failing educational systems?

In the late 1800’s Reverend Wesley John Gaines called for the establishment of an institution for the moral, spiritual and intellectual growth of African American boys and girls. This vision was the foundation of Morris Brown College in Atlanta, GA. The school opened in 1885 soon after President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Once acclaimed, the school has suffered financial challenges over the last few years. If Morris Brown and other schools in urban areas could participate in such a plan that is being proposed, this “shot in the arm” approach could restore much needed educational stability in troubled communities.

An infusion of funds could help the schools like Morris Brown recover and continue to educate students who can grow up to make meaningful contributions to society. An infusion of funds into entry level job opportunity programs could also bolster the economy and bring hope rather than despair to the dismal landscape. The states could be invited to develop creative plans that fit their needs, and everyone would be in a win-win atmosphere created to empower our communities. No more entitlement mentality, offering free birth control and abortions. Let’s offer hope rather than death and despair!

Right now in America, instead of funding schools like Morris Brown, tax payer dollars are being used to kill women with harmful birth control drugs. Babies in the womb are also in grave danger. This leads me to remind us that PEOPLE NEED EDUCATION AND JOBS, NOT ABORTIONS!

By defunding Planned Parenthood, we could spend $365 million dollars a year on education and jobs. Yes, more jobs and school scholarships than we have right now in America. From one perspective such a plan looks like a pie in the sky pipe dream; just a drop in the proverbial bucket.

Instead of saying no, why don’t we look at the bigger picture perspective; give our children and young adults hope, not abortions and harmful birth control drugs. We have to start somewhere; this could be a new beginning. Plant a seed and watch it grow! Defund Planned Parenthood.

Let’s give people building blocks instead of stumbling blocks!


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