Voting our Biblical Values –We agree with Brother Billy Graham

Voting our Biblical Values –We agree with Brother Billy Graham

Vote Biblical Values is the wise counsel Mr. Billy Graham is providing just days before the 2012 elections in America. At and, we agree with Mr. Graham. I met Mr. Billy Graham many years ago, when I was a freelance reporter writing for an Atlanta magazine. He was gracious enough to grant me an interview. I recall his intensely blue eyes that seemed to pierce straight through to my soul.

I remember attempting to be clever and trying to impress Mr. Grahm with my journalistic abilities and my biblical knowledge. I asked him why he would tell people to “pray without ceasing” since in my opinion, no one could pray nonstop. He answered by explaining that the Bible says to “pray without ceasing,” and then, with a gentle smile that crinkled the corners of those amazing eyes, he whispered: “I’m praying for you right now.”

His new ad reminds us that while life on earth can be short and precious, there are generations of children and grandchildren, some yet to be born, who are depending on us to stand and stay true to the values set forth for peaceful and blessed living – all found in the Bible.

As Director of African American Outreach for Priests for Life, Founder of King for America, a team member of the National Black Prolife Coalition, and one of several committed spokespersons at, I can truly attest to the truth that Biblical values are the way to vote! Key issues such as life, natural marriage, quality education, economic empowerment and so many more are part of the human experience. We all need a manual for living abundant lives. That manual is the Bible.

Because of a hectic schedule, I am an early voter. As I walked up to the voting booth this year, I asked God for guidance. I depend on God’s Word as my standard for living. Mr. Graham and many national leaders are encouraging us to do the same. Pray, read your Bible and then vote God’s values.

Among the most hotly contested issues in this election are the impact of abortion and homosexuality on the institution of marriage and the foundations of our society. Efforts to promote abortion and unnatural contraceptives, and efforts to redefine marriage from the formula outlined in the Bible – one man + woman = natural marriage to a comprehensive model that includes homosexual unions and only God knows what else are mounting in intensity.

As an African American woman who has experienced the traumas of abortion, divorce and other challenges in life, I can only plead with people to do as I finally came to do. I turned away from seeking my own way, and accepted God’s way as outlined in the Bible.

Natural marriage is under siege, and the African American community is at the head of the line for the fallout that comes from the destruction and erosion of natural marriage. The economy is a major issue this election cycle, yet poverty rates are significantly higher when natural marriage is undermined. The concept of marriage between a man and a man, or a woman and a woman undercuts the successful Bible pattern of natural marriage. We should consider connecting the dots.

In 2009, I attended a marriage and family forum where a significant study, THE MARRIAGE INDEX was released. The study is available at More information about African American marriage can be found at

Natural marriage is a foundational institution that supports the human race. By voting our Biblical values for marriage, life and family, we will be making a commitment to the generations to come.


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