If We Could All Take Flight…

If We Could All Take Flight…

Okay. I can’t get the new movie FLIGHT starring Denzel Washington out of my awareness. Why? I’m beginning to wonder if the movie isn’t prophetic in a strange kind of way. As in America is headed for a big CRASH if we don’t wake up! Let’s face it. My first response to FLIGHT was valid, too much substance abuse, too much profanity, too much nudity, too many cursory glances of religion without compassion. Of course there is a whole lot more of all of that stuff going on in the real world, and believe me, it is too much!

However, the flight attendant who survived the crash and introduced her son to the captain at the funeral of his girlfriend was a bright spot in the movie. The other bright spot was the hindsight looking forward of the captain (Denzel) talking to fellow inmates.

Mr. Washington, actor nonpareil portrayed such a convincing role that I find myself almost asking the captains on the multitudinous flights I continue to board if they are drunk or high on drugs. A few days ago, one captain was lamenting to his senior flight attendant – with a wry look on his face – saying “these kind of movies always make it hard for us.” I remember saying to myself, you got that right!

Now, Mr. Washington displayed his naked posterior anatomy on screen. I know that isn’t all that shocking to many people these days; you can stumble across far worse on late night TV and cable if you’re not taking precautions with your remote control. But honestly, did we have to see that? I guess one could argue that Mr. Washington is trying to tell us to wake up, that things are really bad when someone can appear in court drunk and high on drugs and almost get away with a crime if he or she has some really good lawyers and financial backers and doesn’t have a conscience.

I am really about to wish and maybe even pray that Mr. Denzel Washington and some other brave, courageous and conscience stricken actors will take another look at what’s happening to babies and their mothers; all too many being slaughtered by abortion. Can we put that on the big screens of the world, and then have a “Come to Jesus” moment?

I almost didn’t write this one my friends, but it is often said that writing is cathartic. Does America need a purging agent? Oh my!


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