The Real War on Women: Expose the “Dirty Little Secret”

The Real War on Women: Expose the “Dirty Little Secret”

November 25 was the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Mostly, domestic violence, sex trafficking and other atrocities are addressed in this agenda. Somehow, this issue didn’t make it to the forefront of the recent elections. So women voted as usual, and the abortion and contraception markets have breathed a sigh of relief.

Yet, there is a “dirty little secret” that the world tries to hide. Abortion and contraceptives are really bad for women. Abortion and the pill often kill women. African American are among the most highly affected targets of abortion and contraception peddlers, so we have more deaths of our babies and more side effects from the deadly fruits of the same tree.

Yes, abortions and contraceptives hurt women. They hurt our bodies, our souls and bruise our spirits. I know because I am a post abortive woman. Let’s work harder to expose America’s “dirty little secret,” that abortion and contraceptives have violent impact on women. Stop the war on our wombs.


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