A Can of Worms: Here She Goes Again!

A Can of Worms: Here She Goes Again!

Okay, I’m about to do it again. Deal with some very sensitive topics. A few days ago, the Nickelodeon Channel ran a show that introduced the vocabulary word “embrace” for the day, depicting what appeared to be two males in a very fond “embrace.” To some, the embrace may have appeared romantic, to some it seemed to be offensive and or shocking.

Several outraged non-homophobic mothers have had a lot to say about this seemingly “new” development; although I would suggest that perhaps such a promotion could have been popular in Sodom and Gomorrah years ago.

However, while this is definitely a cause for some deep attention from parents, I find myself in some other deep discussions about – you guessed it – abortion and homosexual marriage!

Now please let me explain that contrary to some public opinion, I am not homophobic and I am not against women’s rights. So this is not a diatribe about attacking people for their womb decisions and sexual preferences.

Yet, as a person who struggles from obesity, and have to hear all the time: “She must like to be fat.” Or from sympathizers who also don’t get it: “God must have wanted her to be fat.” Well folks, as a young woman, I took a lot of birth control chemicals and surgical procedures to keep from having babies, yes – artificial contraceptives and abortions – that subsequently trashed my metabolism and adrenal system. Other stressful factors have contributed to these conditions over the years, so as a result, at 62 years of age, I am struggling with my weight, and no, I don’t want to be fat. And no, God didn’t make me fat. Evil forces as old as the Garden of Eden tricked me into certain behaviors and decisions that have impacted my weight. This, coupled with some DNA and RNA issues have me depending on God to keep me healed and healthy. GOD is so good.

Now the Bible says that gluttons will not make it into Heaven. The Bible doesn’t say that fat people won’t make it to Heaven, but that gluttons won’t. Now bear in mind, there are skinny gluttons and fat gluttons. We can be gluttons for all kinds of things, including food. Thank goodness, I am delivered from gluttony, and am waiting for my body to get the memo. Honest to goodness. So I am looking forward to going to Heaven. Is God so mean that HE (of course GOD isn’t really HE because GOD is a Spirit and in the Spirit there are no males and females); doesn’t want fat people in Heaven? No — of course not. Once we get there the fat and every other human issue will go away anyway. It isn’t the flesh but the heart, soul and spirit that have to get it right before we go there.

So, does that mean that the same is true for someone who struggles for, say, a taste of homosexual passion in their flesh? Absolutely! GOD isn’t going to keep anyone out of Heaven no matter what their physical situations are. Now, we must ask this question; remember what some people think about being fat. Are we making assumptions about homosexual people? Like: “They must want to be homosexual.” Or, “GOD made them that way.” “Why would two men or two women want to get married in the first place?” Well, actually, many humans want to experience love, and some people do confuse love with sex. GOD is LOVE, and we are made in GOD’s image. If we don’t have a genuine relationship with our Creator and if we have some of the facts confused, we may fall victim to certain decisions and issues that may bear some search for understanding. For instance, if two men or two women are in a homosexual life style, it may not be too hard for them to desire to take the next step and try or want to get married.

Now, let’s set the record straight. Some people may be born with or acquire certain distinct characteristics along the way in life. Like, why do some people have high blood pressure, or diabetes, or why are some people nymphomaniacs? Why do some people get strung out on drugs, or alcohol or other addicting substances? Why do some people have abortions, or commit rape or all types of things that we humans do. Is GOD the author of these types of situations, or is the origin some other source? Why do some people fall victim to these situations and some don’t? Could it be that there is a “great awakening” that needs to happen?

In the first place, God doesn’t make people sick. Also God doesn’t make people do any of the things mentioned above. And actually, GOD loves us so much that GOD doesn’t want us to experience any of the things mentioned here, and wants to help us prevent other things that are pretty much alien to many people’s awareness.

What many of us do not like to consider is that sin and sickness are related. That’s why Jesus once told a sick person, “Your sins are forgiven. Be healed.” Jesus also told a very sexually promiscuous woman who was caught in the act, “Woman, your sins are forgiven. Go and sin no more.” When people are set free from both or either sin or sickness, we have a lot to say about it.

In the movie AMAZING GRACE, the ex-slave trader shares his testimony of having sold human flesh, and then found forgiveness from GOD causing him to write the song of the same title. Read the story of Wilbur Wilberforce, William Penn and John Newton. GOD didn’t want John Newton to sell slaves, and GOD blessed him to stop.

GOD doesn’t want us aborting our babies, and GOD will help us to stop. GOD wants us to be sexually whole and complete without any harm or sadness to our bodies, souls and spirits. Please let me change the subject for a minute. I know women who have full beards, and men who have breasts. Sometimes people don’t understand these physical instances, and they wonder if they should have been born with a more clear distinction of whether they are male or female. Again, this is something that happened back in times as old as the Garden of Eden when a serpent sneaked in and jumbled up a lot of things, including DNA and RNA. Thank goodness that JESUS came to set the record straight and set the captives free!

I know this is a long blog, so please tune in for tomorrows blog so you can read my CREATION PARABLE. God bless you!


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