New Women’s Health Video

New Women’s Health Video

Hello friends, please check out my new video at (on right of the page) on women’s health issues. Also check out the head of Planned Parenthood asking members of Congress to return to their eugenics roots HERE. Finally, please consider how Planned Parenthood mounted a very successful campaign during the elections as reported by the Washington Post. They are very bold in presenting their platforms. We should be so bold. Actually, we should be MORE BOLD!

A very good prolife friend recently observed that in 2012 “we were no match for the synergy created by a president, political party, and abortion groups working in tandem.” Let’s change the game. Watch out for 2013. THE GAME WILL BE ADVANCED!

Let’s be the real voice for women’s health in 2013! Janet Morana is working on a new book and you won’t want to miss this eye opener! Also, if you haven’t read LIFE AT ALL COSTS, put it on a serious to do list for early 2013.


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