Build Your Hope On Things Eternal…

Build Your Hope On Things Eternal…

In the Catholic Tradition, a Holy Day of Obligation is a very important day; so important that no attending mass on a Holy Day of Obligation is a very serious sin. Although not Catholic, the 40 Days till MLK 2013: The Holy Day of Inauguration is a very important time of prayer, fasting and repentence.

1. The True Light is Already Shining – 1 John 2:8
2. “Be not overcome with evil; rather overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21
3. “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God”. Psalm 20:7

Dear Friends, This announcement regarding the Holy Day of Inauguration came to me this week, right while I am currently meditating on why people were so saddened by the November 2012 elections. Our hope comes from God and not horses and chariots or politicians or judges or presidents. So many scriptures keep jumping out while I’m reading and studying and seeking God for “what’s next?” Admittedly, the President of the United States is on a slippery slope, and a majority of voters agreed enough with his agenda to re-elect him and are seemingly sliding along the slope with him in some sort of weird bliss. Doesn’t this mean that those who voted for the President are also responsible for the sorry state that we are in? He is the political leader of this nation, and a majority seems to have voted for him. Yet God is still our refuge and our strength, and a very present help in trouble.

Some of us are groaning and reeling; yet there are many who are turning with greater commitment to 2 Chronicles 7:14, thank goodness. Let’s hate the source of the evil, the devil that is, and not hate and war with each other.

We must continue to pray and seek the Lord. Interestingly enough, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday and the Inauguration of the President are on the same day. Again, we must be praying and seeking the Lord according to 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Actually, January 21, 2013 is another pivotal day in our lives. It is the day of the Birthday Celebration Observance of my uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; the day before the nefarious 40 year observance of Roe vs. Wade which has allowed for the murder of over 50 million human babies, and President Obama will be sworn in for the second time that day. Let us all pray for mercy, for the dregs of judgment are very bitter. Our country is being judged as are we. Let us pray and ask for forgiveness and forgive each other and just move ahead expecting our God to deliver us!

Want to be blessed during these monumental and tumultuous times? Do something good for someone. Send some Bibles to people who need them. Take back Christmas by singing Christ affirming carols at unexpected places. Help someone have Christmas whose outlook is bleak right now. Read them the Bible accounts of the miracle of Jesus when you deliver their gifts.

Look up and look ahead to God, for surely He alone is able to deliver us!

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