3801 Lancaster – House of Horrors Movie

3801 Lancaster – House of Horrors Movie

Just days before my birthday I watched this short film. (only 21 minutes)

CAUTION: Some contect is graphic. Details are gruesome but they must be told.

Can you imagine how the babies and mothers, all part of the 55 million legal and immoral slayings of infants and America suffered at the hands of Planned Parenthood under regulated clinic scam that abortions are safe, rare and legal? This lie is a cover that killing centers like Gosnell’s depend upon to make their fortunes. Ask Carol Everest.

Gosnell isn’t the exception. To a sometimes lesser, sometimes greater degree, America’s abortion killing centers are often under regulated and in cases like Gosnell’s, not at all.

January 22, was my birthday. When family and friends asked me how I wish to celebrate, what gifts I want, it’s like a two front teeth thing. Except it’s more real. All I want for my birthday is for abortion to end, abortion to end, abortion to end (to the tune of All I Want for Christmas).


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