You’re Teaching My Child What?

You’re Teaching My Child What?

SPACERYoureTeachingMyChildWhatA recent article from the UK caught my eye this week. It talked about the corruption of our current generation. The sexualisation of our young people is something I‘ve blogged about and something that needs to be re-visited.

The article is written by a child psychologist who states, “I see the signs that are familiar to every parent: the eight-year-olds who are already worried about their figures; the ‘too-sexy too-soon’ 12-year-olds who won’t go out without make-up; the magazines aimed at 10 to14-year-olds that discuss oral sex.”

As a parent I understand the need to shelter our children from learning some things too early in life, like sex. As a pro-life activist, one of the areas we try to shelter our children from is learning about abortion and those images of aborted babies. In a perfect world the teaching of our children would be left up to the parents.

Once source that is trying to do the educating and stick its nose where it doesn’t belong is the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood in particular. Planned parenthood has gotten the foot in the door in many of our children’s schools to “educate” them in the area of sexual education. Talking about a conflict of interest.

Planned parenthood makes millions of dollars by performing abortions. They have a vested interested in making sure your child is sexually active and with any luck, and a lot of help from them, they’ll end up pregnant and in need of their services.

A recent video from American Life League demonstrates the role Planned Parenthood is playing to accomplish this end.

No condomAnother tactic the abortion industry uses to make sure your children need abortions is to use contraception that they knew will fail as admitted by Carol Everett, former independent abortion clinic owner, in the documentary film Bloodmoney available HERE.

We as a society need to not be afraid to speak the truth but first you must know the truth.

Parents, your children are learning about sex at an earlier age these days and the information they are getting is not always accurate or morally correct. And they’re not being told the truth about abortion and the harm it will do to their lives.

Parents, educate yourselves about abortion. Learn what they don’t want you to know and then teach your children. The life you save may be your grandchild’s.


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