Lukewarm Promises: Prolife claims are big during election, cool off when time to deliver

Lukewarm Promises: Prolife claims are big during election, cool off when time to deliver

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I joined my good friend Catherine Davis a few days ago for a day of “Women at the Capitol” here in Georgia to visit the Governor to ask him to enforce the laws of Georgia which are designed to protect women. Catherine was joined by a group of about 100 concerned citizens, men and women, who are adamant about “Women taking back Choice” which included having Georgia’s abortion mills comply with minimal health standards that will protect our women.

s Day of Mourning 014When Catherine and I went in to ask to speak to the Governor, Nathan Deal, we were told that he couldn’t see us, and asked to fill out a request form to see him at a later date. However, the Governor was “at home” to several other visitors during the day. An aide did finally speak with Catherine and other members of her group later in the day to explain that the Governor “doesn’t do investigations.” Now bear in mind that we didn’t ask the Governor to investigate anything, we just asked him to uphold the laws that he is sworn to uphold. We didn’t ask him to write any legislation, pass any bills or mount any investigations. We just wanted to ask Governor Deal to help the women of Georgia. No good old southern hospitality was offered that day, only a few bags of peanuts were offered, while we watched other perhaps nonthreatening groups be allowed to receive a smile from the Governor.

We find that these scenarios are playing out across the country. Alabama, Mississippi, for instance, and several states have passed promising protection laws for women and babies, but the enforcement and investigation process is being held up in many cases. All across the country, politicians are running on prolife platforms, then even when prolife legislation is passed, governors, state licensing and health boards and other less visible sources are blocking real progress by failing to either enforce or investigate compliance requirements for the abortion industry to come up to even substandard levels of care for women who are being maimed, butchered and sometimes killed in the name of abortion.

There is a lot of word play going on, like with the Governor’s office. We asked for enforcement and were told that he doesn’t investigate. They know what we mean and what we need, but aren’t trying to help us, and maybe are hoping that we don’t come up with just the right “code” to get the answers that will help us.

This isn’t about the current governor of Georgia or any other single politician, because as Catherine and I discovered when another administration was in power, many states don’t really intend to help women. They just want to say and do enough to continue to elect acceptable candidates who can allow the abortion industry to continue to do business as usual. As far as the other administration was concerned, the then Speaker of the House was heard saying in a closed meeting” “We can’t really end abortion. That will leave too many black babies on the dole.” Sounds Nixonish doesn’t it?

Catherine, Day Gardner and I did a Black History Month expose on Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards and then President Nixon saying about the same thing, of course in a more crude language. President Nixon was lauding the efforts of the population control community to “kill the little Black b*!@–.” Cecile Richards applauded Mr. Nixon and even went so far to say that the Republican Party should go back to those “roots” which would mean that they would join the Democrat Party in enforcing and funding abortion at every level.

Let’s not be fooled, and let’s not throw in the towel. The battle is still raging. Let’s see this thing through. May God please help us to rip off all the blinders and let our women be healed and our babies see the light!


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