History Had Been Made!

History Had Been Made!


After four years of hard work pro-life personhood legislation has passed both houses of the North Dakota legislature! This means that North Dakota is only a popular vote away from being the first state in American history to ban abortion!

The passage of the legislation will place a referendum on the 2014 general election ballot that will let the people of North Dakota declare that life begins at conception.

If the referendum passes on November of 2014, it will set precedence across the nation and will embolden other states to do likewise. You can be sure that the pro-aborts will sound the alarm and will come out in droves to try and stop the passage of the referendum.

The next 19 month will certainly be a battle that we all need to be involved in if we are to be victorious in November 2014. We need to be prepared to address any lies they put forth, and they will tell lies. The abortion industry will say anything they can to keep the abortion machine spitting out money.

In order to make North Dakota the first state in American history to completely ban abortion, we need the tools to fight back against the ruthless attacks of the pro-abortion lobby. There will be many pro-life organizations fighting this battle from many different fronts. Every one of them will need your prayers and your support.

The pro-abortion industry is already getting their bank accounts filled with my and your tax dollars. The organizations fighting to protect life don’t get federal money to do their work so they rely on individuals like you to continue their fight. Find a pro-life group you like and support them any way you can.

I work hard every day for LIFE! To support the work of Priests for Life click HERE!


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