Personhood Battle At The Core of Life Fight

Personhood Battle At The Core of Life Fight

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Success or failure? Where will the quest for unity lead us?

A successful legislative strategy in North Dakota which includes a personhood referendum bill has proven that unity is the best policy. Although there may be legal battles in the horizon, the first step has been taken and all those involved are to be commended.

But other states, like Iowa, also show us that we still have much work to do as a movement as pro-life bills never even made it out of committees. Pro-life groups were at odds with some siding with Planned Parenthood to oppose the bills.

As with any war, and we are at war with the abortion lobby, there are battles that have to be fought on different fronts. We need to support one another, not tear each other down. By attacking on different fronts we can and will win the war one battle at a time.

We just celebrated Easter and are reminded that Christ conquered death. He has already won the battle for LIFE. We all just need to work together and victory will be ours sooner rather than later.


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