Poor Excuse for a Butcher

Poor Excuse for a Butcher


Today I bring you a guest blog from my good friend and colleague.

By Ryan Bomberger, Radiance Foundation
April 15, 2013

Mainstream media and especially pro-abortion liberal opinionists are desperate to control the narrative on the horrific abortionist, Kermit Gosnell. Ignoring the fact that he is not the exception, but increasingly the rule among abortionists, “pro-choice” media is trying to segregate this case, to isolate the public from the broader truth—that Gosnell is the natural consequence of rabid pro-abortion advocacy.

So the Associated Press, along with HuffPo and other mainstream media outlets are claiming that the poor women who went to the “elegant man” (aka Gosnell) had no choice. They bemoan that Gosnell’s workers had “few options” (because most of Philly’s employed choose jobs where they brutally cut people’s spinal cords and toss around their lifeless bodies like play objects). And they accuse the prolife movement, who has always pushed for abortion clinic regulations and enforcement, of somehow creating Gosnell’s situation. NARAL lamented Gosnell was a “peek into the world before Roe”. No. It’s a peek into the world of limitless abortion (as championed by NARAL, Planned Parenthood, NOW, and other rabidly pro-abortion groups), with no regard for the lives of women and children.

Amanda Marcotte, pro-abortion apologist who writes for Slate.com and the pathologically dishonest RHRealityCheck.com, writes how simple the reason for Gosnell is: “poverty, plus lack of access due to anti-choice activism.”

What a poor excuse. No, really. What a pathetically poor excuse. Philadelphia, which doesn’t record or publish any data on abortion in its city, has no idea who is seeking abortions. In other states/cities that actually track this vital data (like Georgia), college students in attempts to hide who they are, often list themselves as poor or needing financial aid when seeking abortions, which grossly exaggerates the genuine “poverty” status of those having abortions. Even if every patient who went to Gosnell were poor, do we know the repeat abortion rate of his victims? Do we know if they remained trapped in the cycle of poverty? Do we know how many were on Medicaid? Marcotte and her abortion cohorts can make up stuff all they want, but they can’t conjure a reality where abortion magically cures poverty or strengthens women shackled by circumstances unimproved by killing the life within them.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, women (ages 18-64) are . . .

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