Liberals are wondering…

Liberals are wondering…


I had a phone call this week from a very agitated African American leader from the liberal community who asked me, “What are you pro-lifers going to do about President Obama speaking for Planned Parenthood in the middle of the Gosnell trial?”

Now we know that the latest developments say that the Gosnell defense rested. We also know that President Obama is not going to speak at the big Fundraising Gala on Thursday night but will instead speak at a lesser event on Friday morning. Those things have unfolded.

But as to what is now being defined as the growing “mushy middle” we’re finding that some liberals and some conservatives are having the same questions.

I read a USA Today article recently and then I read the comments and it seemed that members of the liberal community and conservative community are asking those same questions in that USA Today article.

I think it’s very interesting that sometimes when peripherals collide, convergence is eminent.

So the issue of President Obama’s support of Planned Parenthood can be a peripheral issue for many but some of us, regardless of what camp we are considered to be in; many are asking the same questions.

Okay, let’s continue to seek truth. Remember: Truth, Crushed to Earth, Shall Rise Again.


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