Gosnell Horrors Reveal America’s Trauma

Gosnell Horrors Reveal America’s Trauma

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I asked Kevin Burke, author of REDEEMING A FATHER’S HEART and co founder of abortion healing ministry Rachael’s Vineyard this:

Why is mass grieving over tragedies like 911, Katrina, Sandy Hook and more recently the child who lost a leg in the Boston Marathon Bombing acceptable while public outcry over the loss of the babies killed by Gosnell, one of who’s leg and foot floating in a jar was recovered by investigators not acceptably comparable?

His answer: “Guilt denies post abortive sufferers from receiving relief from the trauma of their abortions, so they transfer their reactions to less personal tragedies. For instance, in his testimony, John writes:

I was not like those brave men, the fire fighters, police and rescue personnel of 9-11 who risked their lives while trying to save others. I began to see that though it was right to desire justice for the victims and the community devastated by the terrorist attack, I was also infusing a lot of my own personal anger, grief and guilt onto this very powerful public event. I was permitted to feel grief, compassion and solidarity with the victims…which is a good thing of course.

John allowed himself to grieve with the masses, yet was only able to grieve his lost fatherhood after admitting the pain abortion had on his life and accepting subsequent forgiveness and healing.

Read more HERE.

According to Kevin, this same type of trauma impacts the witnesses and jurors of the Gosnell trial.

“I hope that the jurors lawyers and other court personnel receive the counseling and support they need to process this traumatic material, and find healthy strategies to deal with any symptoms. Some of them no doubt have experienced their own abortions. In this case they would be experiencing traumatic triggering on a regular basis and have to process not only the traumatic material of the trial, but their own emotions and memories of a personal abortion,” Kevin explained. Read more HERE.

Let us pray for America’s trauma over the loss of over 50 million babies to the horrors if abortion most recently exposed in the case of Gosnell’s House of Horrors.


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