NBPC Releases New Information On the Death of Tonya Reaves

NBPC Releases New Information On the Death of Tonya Reaves


Today, at 10:00 am ET, the National Black Pro-Life Coalition along with other Pro-Life groups held a press conference to bring attention to the death of Tonya Reaves, the 24 year old woman who was killed at a Planned Parenthood abortion mill in Chicago last year.

Here is some other information that was released in conjunction with the press conference.

Mandy Gittler is the name of the late-term abortionist, who commits late-term abortions at ALL WOMEN’S HEALTH, and who killed Tonya Reaves at Planned Parenthood on 18 South Michigan Avenue.

This location, by the way, according to Planned Parenthood only performs medication abortions. The locations at 1200 N. LaSalle St and 3051 E. New York St. are the only ones indicated as committing surgical abortions (from 6 weeks to 17 weeks and 6 days). Please see Wrongful Death Lawsuit naming abortionist Mandy Gittler as the defendant.

Abortionist, Mandy Gittler, is a late-term abortionist (like many around the country) that travels from mill to mill and state to state, to commit their heinous acts of murder.

Planned Parenthood of Illinois (which runs the Loop Health Center on 18 South Michigan Avenue) was also responsible for the 2008 botched abortion death of a woman, and another they never reported: the wife of Maurice Stevenson.

By the way, this great OpEd by Dennis Byrne refers to a 1978 Undercover Investigation (see attached copies of the old news article) that show the Gosnell-like conditions that existed in abortion mills across the state and 12 women killed (unknown by the state) at the hands of these post-Roe “back-alley” abortionists. Today, the Illinois Department of Health, does not inspect Planned Parenthood-owned clinics, according to journalist Dennis Byrne.


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