Exclusive Interview with Preachers of LA

Exclusive Interview with Preachers of LA

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Alveda: “We’re talking with Bishop and First Lady Ron Gibson and you’re getting this first from the blog of Alveda King because I’m sitting here with them.

“Now, I want to know why they have agreed to appear on Preachers of LA.

“You’ve heard a lot of controversial information about a lot of criticisms but I’m telling you, I’m sitting here with members of that show, preachers of the Gospel, husbands and wives, and they have a reason for using this avenue.

“I just want to know, Pastor and First Lady, do you believe God is going to use this medium to help you reach souls?”

Pastor Gibson: “I know He’s going to use this medium to reach souls. We’ve come to the Kingdom for such a time as this. God has anointed us, appointed us, now he’s launching us out into the deep to win the lost through the power of Pentecost, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So I know it’s not accidental but it’s providential. It’s that time because time is winding up and people are dying without the hope of salvation. And God has prepared us for such a time as this.”

Alveda: “First Lady Gibson?”

First Lady Gibson: “There’s no doubt about it that this is a God assignment and it’s a God moment and I am honored that the Lord selected my husband first and I’m just assisting in any way that I can in this. He has trusted him with this opportunity to really speak to the society of today about issues today, Christian family life today, and getting the Gospel to people that may never watch Christian television. They may never turn on a Christian television station on but they might be watching Bad Girls on Oxygen. Hopefully right after that will be the Preachers of LA and they’re going to be ministered to, they’re going to be blessed because these preachers are opening up their lives and they’re sharing real life things that they go through and I think they’ll relate and they’ll be ministered to as they watch the journey through their lives.”

Alveda: “Thank you. And First Lady and I also attended Spellman together; you just might want to hear that. And now we’re going to the bold and daring Darlene McCoy who has brought this group together; gave us this wonderful preview. What did you have in mind when you brought this to Atlanta for us come out and join you?”

Darlene McCoy: “I do want to say this, I was taken back in the beginning and everyone knows that I am very vocal on Praise 102.5. I had an opportunity to watch the first episode and I am 100 percent behind this show. This is a show that the Kingdom needs to support. Not only the Kingdom; we’re going to see that the mainstream will support it as well because this is real ministry. And the thing, the key factor is they are lifting up Jesus. Jesus said, ‘If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me.’ And what better way to lift up Jesus among every man than on a network like Oxygen. This is incredible. I’m excited about it. And we’re just going to support it 100 percent.”

Alveda: “Now remember you heard this first from Alveda on my blog. And make sure you get it out in Tweetville, right now. Alveda King, signing off. Thank you!”


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