The Greatest Loss of Life Since 9-11?

The Greatest Loss of Life Since 9-11?

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My assistant, Eugene Vigil, was listening to news reports this morning. As we were going through our daily brief, he remarked about the news coverage of the Navy Yard shooting in D.C. on Monday. I too had followed the story on television and on the front pages of the newspapers as I was walking through the airport. I’ve asked Eugene to join me in writing this blog today. We’d love to have some feedback from you on Facebook and Twitter.

Reporters are calling the DC Navy Yard shooting yesterday “the greatest loss of life in a single event in DC since 9-11.” An NBC report called it, “one of the deadliest single events ever in the nation’s capital”. I beg to differ.

Monday morning, September 16, Aaron Alexis, 34, of Fort Worth, Texas allegedly opened fire and killed 12 and injured 8 at the DC Navy Yard before he was killed.

Reports on the call for gun control are again flooding in. Every time there is gun violence, people call for gun control. And yes, there should be restrictions on easy access to owning guns. Yet it is going to take more than gun control; it will take heart control to stop the killings, not just an effort of gun control. We must change the hearts of the people who use the guns. Better said, we must pray that God changes the hearts in this nation.” Yes, Monday’s terror was the latest in sprees of violence, man’s inhumanity to man; a terrible incident. Any time life is lost, especially so senselessly, it is a tragedy. I know that those who lost loved ones are mourning and many in our nation are mourning with them and praying for them. We are praying for all the victims and for Alexis and their families.

People are correct to be upset and even outraged at any senseless killing as are we. But our outrage doesn’t stop with Alexis and those he killed and wounded. No, our outrage also extends to all the babies whose lives are being taken every day in DC from abortion. According to data from the Guttmacher Institute, in 2008 there were 4450 abortions in DC (most recent year available). That’s just over 12 dead babies every day, the same number of people killed by Alexis on Monday. Yet, we don’t hear the outcry for these lives. The NBC report stated that the victims ranged in age from 46 to 73. The babies that die from abortion are every bit as human and alive as those killed in the Navy Yard shooting except they are younger; much younger.

On Monday, September 16 at least 24 people lost their lives in DC that day; twelve at the hands of Aaron Alexis and twelve at the hands of abortionists. Yes, I’ll say that again, at least twelve babies that were not shot by Alexis also were killed in acts of abortion.

Yesterday, Tuesday, September 17 at least 12 more people lost their lives at the hands of abortionists. No outcry!

Today, Wednesday, September 18 at least 12 more will lose their lives . . . .

The senseless killing must end. Reporters have been covering the various opinions on how not to repeat senseless killings like those at the Navy Yard; opinions from gun control opponents to those that are encouraging tightening up security. Some suggest that Alexis just snapped and sometimes you can’t do anything to prevent some killings.

As President Obama said, “But if there’s even one thing we can do, if there’s just one life we can save, we’ve got an obligation to try.” Well yes, we must try. The question is will you join us in asking President Obama to stand up for the babies too? We are obligated to demand that the killing of babies by abortion cease. Babies should have civil rights and human rights too!

Killings like those at the Navy Yard may or may not be preventable, but the killing of the babies in the womb is definitely preventable (and we are not talking about harmful chemical and surgical birth control as alternatives either) and we have an obligation to respect the lives of all human persons regardless of their age, ethnicity, size or location.

With the call for Gun Control from those who think this is the best way to stop killings, we again must ask, “Where is Planned Parenthood Control?” And we must also demand a call for “Abortion Tools Control.”


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