12 Years a Slave: Man’s (and Woman’s) Inhumanity to Humanity

12 Years a Slave: Man’s (and Woman’s) Inhumanity to Humanity

twelve years a slave

Recently I joined members of my family to view the new movie “Twelve Years a Slave” directed by Steve McQueen and starring Brad Pitt, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Lupita Nyong’o, and an overall stunningly talented cast. Warning: film contains visually graphic images, violence, some nudity. While I actually wasn’t emotionally prepared to see the movie, I am convinced that it should be considered an essential finale to an erstwhile trio of “Lincoln”, “Django” and now “Twelve Years a Slave”.

This could be considered an unlikely combination, these three movies. Yet one could argue that if you see all three of them together, they totally obliterate the cushion of romanticism that movies like “Gone with the Wind” have used to soft sell what is hard core cruelty of one group of human beings towards another. Let us never forget that families are torn apart by racism, reproductive genocide and sexual perversion; together what I term to be the “three headed monster.” All three agents have been at work in America for many years.

To say that the movie “Twelve Years a Slave” is brutally graphic is to minimize the shocking scenes that stun the heart, soul and spirit. In my prolife vocation, showing graphic images of abortion victims are part of what I do. Every time I see a woman on a gurney after a botched abortion, I shudder. Every time I see a picture of an aborted baby, my heart thumps and I feel sick. It was all rather eerie in a way, as I experienced these same sensations as I sat glued to my cushy leather theater chair watching “Twelve Years a Slave.”

I was so relieved to experience the heart of the abolitionists that was there in three of the movies mentioned above. If not for that, I would have left the theaters after viewing each a very angry woman. Yet human compassion arose victorious. We must always pray and give thanks that truth crushed to earth will rise again. God’s truth and grace will always win.

In just a few months, America will observe the 50th Anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights. The 50th anniversaries of the “I Have a Dream Speech,” “The March on Washington,” and the 150the Anniversary of “The Emancipation Proclamation” are now recent history. And yet the babies are not free. We are still lost in the cloudy veil of deceptive “women’s rights” and “human rights” campaigns while the weakest of all human beings – the little babies in the womb and their vulnerable mothers – are being desecrated on the altars of harmful chemical and surgical “birth control” agents and abortions.

What the whips and nooses did not do to desecrate the sanctity of human life during slavery and segregation the abortion mills are doing quite effectively today. Lynching a person on a tree or in the womb brings about the same results, inhumanity towards our brothers and sisters.

There is a reason that films of this type are being produced, against the odds in some cases. God desires to stir the hearts of men and women. It is time to listen while there is still time.

Watch this video as my mother, Naomi King, recounts a firsthand experience with racism.


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