#ABQ4Life Vote is Critical

#ABQ4Life Vote is Critical

baby being rescued

Womb babies are under siege and until legal abortion ends, they are all under the bus. We must continue to rescue them one battle at a time while increasing the frontline attacks to end the scourge.

Firefighters rescue people from burning buildings sometimes in droves and sometimes one at a time. Yet, a life saved is a life saved. The same is true for the abortion war. A victory for the fetal pain ordinance in Albuquerque is critical because, if accomplished, more babies would be rescued from the abortion bus while we continue to wage and win the war.

Science teaches us that by 20 weeks, unborn babies hear and respond to their mother’ voices. They also feel the excruciating pain of the abortionists instruments as their small hearts are pierced or their fragile bodies are torn apart. Late abortion after 20 weeks not only kills the life of a pain-capable unborn child, but it wounds his or her mother.

While all abortions pose physical and psychological risks for the woman, medical risks from these brutal late abortions are markedly increased – and even include risk of death. I stand with the people of Albuquerque who are seeking to ensure that the law reflects our society’s desire to protect the innocent out of compassion both for the mother and the child.


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