Priests for Life Supporting Albuquerque Efforts and Beyond To Protect Pain-Capable Children

Priests for Life Supporting Albuquerque Efforts and Beyond To Protect Pain-Capable Children

Priests for Life

Date: November 18, 2013

Contact: Leslie Palma

NEW YORK, NY — As Priests for Life urges voters in Albuquerque to support on Tuesday a measure protecting children in the womb from painful dismemberment, the organization also announced its intentions to extend this protection nationwide.

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, stated, “In regard to Albuquerque, there is only one correct way to vote in the election of November 19 and that is to vote to protect children in the womb. An up and down vote like this admits of no ambiguity. Those who fail to vote to protect these children have innocent blood on their hands. Whatever else they use their hands for in the future, the fact that they still have those hands is more than we can say about the children who will lose theirs if this measure does not pass.”

Fr. Pavone also announced that Priests for Life, which has been working for years to pass measures on the state and federal level to protect children from late-term abortion and to educate people about fetal pain, will redouble those efforts, including the following initiatives in 2014:

a) The distribution to every Church and, indeed, to every American, of the diagrams depicting dismemberment abortion (See;
b) Prayer campaigns to raise initiatives and pass laws to protect children from late-term abortion;
c) Working with states and cities nationwide to pass measures to protect pain-capable children;
d) Working with the US House and Senate to pass federal legislation to protect pain-capable children;
e) Educational initiatives about fetal pain and late-term abortion, including radio ads and television programs;
f) The distribution to activists of full-size posters showing the reality of dismemberment abortion;
g) Sharing the testimonies, through the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, of those who have had late-term abortions.

More information on these and related initiatives will be announced in coming weeks at

Janet Morana and Georgette Forney, co-founders of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign ( joined Father Pavone in urging support of the Albuquerque. In a joint statement, they said:

“Women who have late-term abortions typically have bonded with their babies, especially in cases where the health of the child or mother is at issue. Early termination to simplify a complicated pregnancy only serves to protect the doctor. The mother and family are left trying to grieve for their loss, while struggling with the stigma of abortion. We must offer better health care to women in these circumstances. Perinatal Hospice and serving both patients are better ways to approach this need.”

Dr. Alveda King, full-time director of African-American Outreach for Priests for Life, spoke of the increased risks women face when undergoing late-term abortions.

“While all abortions pose physical and psychological risks for the woman, medical risks from these brutal late abortions are markedly increased – and even include risk of death. I stand with the people of Albuquerque who are seeking to ensure that the law reflects our society’s desire to protect the innocent out of compassion both for the mother and the child.”

Priests for Life is the nation’s largest Catholic pro-life organization dedicated to ending abortion and euthanasia. For more information, visit


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