An ongoing conversation with someone on the fence…

An ongoing conversation with someone on the fence…

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“Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay,” says the Lord.” Romans 12:19 ESV

In response to yesterday’s blog regarding the HHS mandate and how it is wrong to force Christians to comply with socialist policies, someone wrote me the reply below. My answer follows. I have a feeling that this will become an ongoing conversation…

It may be that the young lady who wrote to me is a confused feminist, like many women are today. Misplaced anger and misplaced compassion are being fueled by a need for vengeance against the wrongs and atrocities committed against women. This seesaw has been going on in America since slavery days, and also the suffragette movement. It is a spiritual battle.

Of course being granted the right to vote; to own property; to work and receive equal pay as males; to be able to make healthy choices regarding female fertility; Constitutional Rights; all of these are genuine human and civil rights. But why did we go wrong, including deadly carcinogenic birth control methods and the killing of little human babies in mothers’ wombs as part of the feminist package?

We slipped into seeking vengeance and not justice. God help us!

Tomorrow the SCOTUS will hear the PFL HHS Mandate case. Our case is in the appeals process in the DC Circuit court. While the appeal works its way through the appeals process, which can be a lengthy undertaking, we have petitioned the SCOTUS to take up the case because of its “imperative public importance.”

Now, here’s that conversation with CC.

Dear Dr. Alveda, this (the perspective on why the HHS mandate is wrong) really seems wrong on every level. I think the gov’t and the organizations are trying and failing to do something that not even God attempts – to remove our free will. Conservatives and Christians should spend more time and resources educating people on how to make informed decisions and less effort in trying to legislate morality because the end result is the same despite the motivation. Forcing people’s hands equates to slavery and is wrong, it is wrong to force people who are ill equipped to become parents and it is wrong to force people who oppose abortions to fund them. I say make abortions legal but educate people from a very young age why it is the worst solution. an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. hobby lobby should have family appreciation days and celebrate life, let their customers sell their crafts at hobby lobby flea markets and moneys collected could go to educational training programs or teen jobs or something. taking away rights in a broken system without replacing it with something better is unfortunately worse…. CC

Dear CC, Well, would you also suggest to make all forms of robbery, rape, murder and all of that legal and simply educate people at an early age about how bad all of that is? Because some may think that it isn’t fair to make someone go to jail for murdering people just because it is wrong. Sometimes, people feel that they have very good reasons for stealing, killing, lying and all of that. This is often the case of abortions, many of which are the result of coercion from third parties. Many women don’t want to abort their babies, yet they are dragged to the abortion mills by parents, lovers, and others. Also, what about those women who are forced to abort because of one child policies, or because a third party doesn’t want an ethnically blended relative? Abortion is harmful on so many levels. After all, abortion not only kills babies, but sometimes mothers as well. Just asking. Love, Dr. Alveda


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