Mothers’ Day Begins In The Womb: Pray For At Risk Mothers And Babies.

Mothers’ Day Begins In The Womb: Pray For At Risk Mothers And Babies.

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Tomorrow my daughters, Mother and I will attend a “Mother Daughter Tea.” We will celebrate our joyous relationships. Then, on Sunday, I will participate in a Mothers’ Day Celebration at church. There will be good singing and Bible teaching. Yet many mothers and daughters will have a bittersweet weekend.

Over 300 girls in Nigeria won’t spend a happy Mother’s Day with their families due to terrorists kidnapping them. Across America millions of aborted baby boys and girls will not feel a mother’s touch because they were silenced by abortion’s sting. Lament and weep for mothers and their children.

This year I am praying for these losses; including those of my dear friends and even family members who have lost mothers and children who are deceased by natural causes; as well as some by sickness, accidents, crimes; and yes sadly, by abortion and carcinogenic birth control.

Sadly still, just days before Mothers Day, we have received shocking news of a misguided mother who is celebrating her abortion on video:

Emily Letts tries to hide the Scary Truth

Recently Emily Letts, a former professional actress and current COSMOPOLITAN Magazine contributor advertised her “not scary” abortion which fails to show the brutal dismemberment of her baby. She posted it on YouTube. Now that’s a sick and scary thing; a very sad Mothers’ Day testimony.

Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life counsels post-abortive women who have had abortions. In the midst of hearings regarding infringement of our religious freedoms by the strong arm of the HHS Mandate, he has taken precious time to lament the pre- Mothers’ Day travesty triggered by Emily’s video:

“Actually, Emily did not film her abortion. She filmed her smiles and sighs during a procedure which we are expected to take her at her word was an abortion. But to really film an abortion, you have to film the arms and legs of the baby being ripped apart and the head being crushed,” he said.

I agree with Father Frank. I and hundreds of other women have posted our abortion testimonies at Also, more stories available at witness to the truth; abortion hurts women and kills babies who die horrible deaths. Emily is missing something in her video; the truth.

s Righs Begin in the Womb

At, my colleague Bryan Kemper writes:

“I don’t hate Emily; my heart actually breaks for her. I am just like her, a sinner who can only find the Hope I need in Christ. I know that Emily is someone’s daughter and as a father I hurt for the lost grandchild her father will never hold. As a Christian I grieve for the state of her soul and her eternal path. I will commit to praying for Emily and for her to find the Hope that is only found in our Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Father Frank, Bryan, many other colleagues and I spent yesterday at a Rally for Religious Freedom. We gathered outside the courthouse in DC to raise our concerns about the injustice of the HHS Mandate which has resulted in our PFL lawsuit. All the while I was either standing outside with the faithful, or sitting inside the courtroom at the hearing, I was remembering the pain of babies marked for slaughter and their mothers marked for deception.

In a few weeks, soon after Mothers’ Day, and followed by Fathers’ Day, on July 2, 2014 we will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the US Civil Rights Act. Two days later we will celebrate July 4, Independence Day. Yet the war on the wombs of women and the decimation of the natural God ordained family structure continues to tear away the very foundations of our liberty.

For those who will be celebrating Mothers’ Day with your beloved mothers, God bless you. Please remember to say a prayer for those who are not so fortunate; that God will heal our land, our wombs, and our families; and bring an end to the scourge of abortion which is at the heart of the war on women.


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