Their Mantra: If You Can’t Dispute the Facts, Attack the Messenger

Their Mantra: If You Can’t Dispute the Facts, Attack the Messenger

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I recently did an interview on Fox News where I was asked about President Obama’s speech he delivered in Selma for the 50th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday.”

I responded in part by saying that what the president did not say is that there is a whole group of aborted people — over 55 million — who have been denied the right to vote because they’ve been denied the right to live.

Ellen at Newshound wrote an article about my interview. She doesn’t dispute what I said about the 55 million babies being aborted but rather attacked me by her tone and language used in the article and with her miss-truths about my comments regarding President Obama.

First let me clear up the record. In response to Ellen writing, “King, who was signed by Fox just in time to bash the speech, is well known to Fox as an Obama hater.” I do not hate President Obama. In fact, I love President Obama and the First Lady. It is the love of God that compels me to pray for them and for all who are in authority. My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, commands me to love everyone and I work very hard to do just that.

The tone and language that Ellen chooses to use, including “attack,” “right-wing,” “jaw-dropping,” placing the word analysis in quotations, are all intended to discredit me and inflame the reader.

Notice that she doesn’t attack the facts I bring up, that since 1973, over 55 million babies have legally lost their lives to abortion in America; and they have been denied the right to vote. She didn’t deny this because the facts are indisputable.

So instead of letting the truth get in the way of her narrative, all that is left is to attach the messenger.

As Ellen rightly pointed out, “[e]ven Fox host Gregg Jarrett called President Obama’s speech “very eloquent” and “beautifully written.” While I didn’t parrot this praise, I did say that The speech was deeply moving. I also pointed out that President Obama didn’t mention the over 55 million who cannot vote because they have been aborted.

In her focus to attack me instead of the facts, Ellen writes, “[w]hile King was worrying about unborn fetus’ right to vote, she ignored what Obama had laid out as serious concerns about setbacks in voting rights for people actually qualified to vote: living, breathing grownups.”

I never ignored any concerns about “setbacks in voting rights for people actually qualified to vote: living, breathing grownups.” I just added additional concerns of setbacks, namely the 55 million of aborted Americans.

When she writes the phrase, “people actually qualified to vote: living, breathing grownups,” it diminishes the rights of every other American, born and unborn, under the legal voting age who should one day have the same rights as those “living, breathing grownups.”

I would like to remind Ellen that the fight for civil rights is a fight for the rights of all people. In Selma the fight for voting rights was not just for those that were “living, breathing grownups” in 1965 but for all those that would become of legal voting age in the future. Many babies who were once growing in their mothers’ wombs now have the protection of laws passed as a result of passage of the Voting Rights Act. By the way, babies in the womb are living humans.

Again, 1973, 55 million persons’ have had their rights violated because of abortion. These 55 million were “living” people. The only distinction, according to Ellen, and the reason why they don’t matter is because they are “fetuses” and they are not “grownups.”

If those 55+ million babies that were killed by abortion since 1973, an estimated 30% of the babies African Americans, many millions would now be of voting age. Gone by abortion are their ballots, their contributions to society, and their ballots. Had they not been aborted they would be “living, breathing grownups.”


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