Ma’am, Our Prayers and Dollars Already Go to ProWoman/ProFamily Causes

Ma’am, Our Prayers and Dollars Already Go to ProWoman/ProFamily Causes

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Recently an anonymous 26-year-old graduate student has posted a threat on declaring that she will have an abortion unless people donate $1 million between July 7 and July 10. She writes that if the money is raised on the website, she will “have the baby, give it up for adoption and every cent of that $1 million will be put in a trust fund for the child, which he or she will have access to when they turn 21.” If $1 million is not raised, she says she will refund what is donated and have the abortion. She writes of her motivation, “I hope to give the American public a concrete example that the conservative right in America doesn’t actually care about the life of a child, they care about controlling the lives and choices of women.”


Talk about flawed thinking. How would giving this angry young woman a million dollars help the millions of butchered women and their babies who have been harmed by legal abortion?

It won’t. God help us.

Please tell this young lady to do her homework. The Prolife Movement already donates hundreds of thousands of prayers, hours and dollars to the Pregnancy Care Center Movement, Women’s Healing and other Women Friendly Causes to help not just one selfish angry woman to get $1 million; but to help thousands of mothers, fathers and their babies to get a new lease on life. For a reality check, mothers generally don’t get paid a million dollars to birth each of their children.

As a post abortive mother of six living children, I promise you I didn’t charge anyone one million dollars to birth them. On the other hand, the abortions cost those babies their lives and a whole lot of pain. See “How can the dream survive.”

This young lady needs a serious reality check. Please visit to see who really cares!


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