Evangelist Alveda C. King: There is a Battle for the Seed in the Toilets

Evangelist Alveda C. King: There is a Battle for the Seed in the Toilets

160519 blog image2Both our sons and daughters are impacted by this toilet battle. They are either being flushed down the tube or exposed and exploited shamelessly. This is a battle for THE SEED. Those who are confused between bathrooms will go in and out of both male and female facilities, approaching our boys and girls. The gender confused are also Satan’s victims. As a mother and grandmother of both boys and girls…

“Don’t you see that children are GOD’s best gift? the fruit of the womb his generous legacy? Like a warrior’s fistful of arrows are the children of a vigorous youth. Oh, how blessed are you parents, with your quivers full of children! Your enemies don’t stand a chance against you; you’ll sweep them right off your doorstep.” – Psalm 127:3-5 MSG

Bathroom and abortion coercion have a lot in common. This just in from Newsone.

Roe, Wade and Private Bathrooms
By Nina May
(Reprinted by permission)

I really was trying to avoid writing about this because the left has such a sick agenda on all things “women”. I think it is going to be up to each woman to do her own personal “Girlcott” of businesses who fall for this demeaning, unnecessary, unproductive and stupid idea of allowing men in the women’s restrooms.

The most obvious and apparent inconsistency, in this new dictate from on high, is that it is a direct contradiction of the finding in Roe. vs. Wade which was all about a woman’s right to privacy and the fact that the government could not tell a woman what to do with her body. But now, that same government is taking away the most private aspect of a woman’s life, and that is her bathroom habits.

If she wanted to go into the bathroom to have an abortion, they would clear the entire store of anyone standing in her way, including men pretending to be women for the purpose of preying on them.

And from a practical perspective, how are you going to prove who is who or what? Are you going to make the men drop and the women pull up their dresses to check for the sex the way they do with the baby chicks at Tractor Supply?

160519 blog image1But you can be sure, if they put urinals in the women’s bathroom and a guy, dressed as a woman, is standing there doing his business … the world will know. That seems a little insensitive to me. It’s as though the government is trying to create a situation where transgendered people are humiliated and stigmatized and the only way to force them “out” is to see how they pee, and what they pee with.

I can’t believe liberals and Democrats can be so heartless, so cruel, so discriminating against transgendered individuals. It is just amazing to me that Barack Obama and Hillary can look at themselves in the mirror realizing the trauma they are going to visit upon these poor helpless people. Just shocking.

Ok, so beyond the fact that the left is forcing all transgendered people to fly their flags for the world to see, you have the issue of all the nut cases coming out, pretending to “self-identify” for a few minutes so they can be alone with a woman when she is totally vulnerable. Or what has already been reported is that they are in the adjoining stall filming her privacy … which again, the Supreme Court said the government has an obligation to protect.

So, the government, instead of protecting a woman’s privacy and right to choose to pee in private, have thrown them to the dogs. They have locked them in a room where they are helpless prey and told them they are evil if they oppose this procedure. So much for women’s rights. But it is a perfect storm for a nationwide “Girlcott” of these establishments.

Women are being told by the store, the local police, the state, the federal government that she is on her own and she might get assaulted in a public bathroom. But, heh, it’s in the interest of diversity and fairness. Fine, then I suggest every woman pack when she goes to the bathroom. As soon as you get in a stall, pull the slide back and let it pop, just to send that recognizable sound throughout the bathroom in case some predator is lurking in a neighboring stall.

160519 blog image3You could even drop a couple of bullets on the floor as you pack your clip so they think you are a little nervous, and think they might have the upper hand as they try and grab you as you exit the stall. But to further throw them off, pretend you are on the cell phone, telling someone exactly where you are and that it’s getting harder and harder just to pee in public. Say loudly that just the day before, you had to pop two guys who were pretending to be women in the Target bathroom.

Women have lost all power in this society and we can thank the democrats, the liberals, the feminists, and men who think women are nothing more than brood mares and have convinced them to kill their own babies in the name of privacy but won’t give that woman privacy in the bathroom.

We need another women’s movement in America where they regain the rights the radical feminists have squandered through the years by trying so hard to make women like men. They have lost their dignity and humanity and have allowed themselves to be intimidated and manipulated by a social engineering plan designed to eradicate the distinctions between men and women.

And all of this totally ignores the very private issues of colostomy bags, catheters, insulin pumps, IBS, and a myriad of other private, medical or just plain embarrassing situations people have to deal with on a daily and often times, irregular basis. What about their rights? What about pregnant women or nursing mom or women dealing with monthly issues? There are so many elements to a woman’s physiology that men are clueless about and for them to now force women into their world of exposed body parts and urinals is insensitive, misogynist, and dangerous.

The only reasonable explanation is that men feel they are superior to women and will not be happy until all aspects and characteristics of women are melded into those of a man, eradicating women all together.

The clueless feminists are empowering this genocide that is creating a totally male dominated society, like many countries where women have no rights at all. There, women are just objects to breed the next generation of boorish men who are clueless about what a real woman is, and you can be sure, she doesn’t have a penis.

160519 blog image4So, if the right to privacy has been determined by the Supreme Court to protect what a woman does with her body then either be consistent in the law, or overturn Roe. v. Wade.

Oh, and to bring it current, liberals give Trump a hard time about being anti-women when they are pushing the biggest anti-women, anti-privacy, anti-choice move in the history of the country.

There is an easy solution that is in a lot of countries, in fact I encountered it in Israel. There is a bathroom space where the sinks are in an open space for everyone to use. But there are private, lockable stalls that anyone can use, very much like on an airline. You are in there alone, do your PRIVATE business then come out and wash your hands with everyone … men and women.

There are logical fixes if these clueless men are determined to go down this road, but to argue it in terms of “protecting” the privacy of one class of people while destroying it for others is just another line item on the left’s long list of ways to destroy our culture … and dehumanize women.


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