Fr. Pavone challenges ‘‘Catholics for Choice’ to describe what they defend

Fr. Pavone challenges ‘‘Catholics for Choice’ to describe what they defend


Date: September 16, 2016

Contact: Leslie Palma

NEW YORK — Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, issued the following statement today regarding a nationwide advertising campaign that suggests abortion is sanctioned by the Catholic Church.

“As has been reported, the ‘Abortion in Good Faith’ campaign launched by Catholics for Choice — a D.C. based group that has no affiliation with the Catholic Church – is misrepresenting the Church’s unequivocal opposition to abortion no matter what the circumstances of the pregnancy. For the group to state that taxpayer-funded abortion is a Catholic social good is nothing but a politically motivated attempt to sow confusion.

“Long ago, the U.S. Bishops made it clear publicly that “Catholics for Choice” is not Catholic, and this recent campaign has prompted more clarification from individual bishops.

“This kind of campaign is a devious attempt to mislead Catholics, not only about what the Church teaches, but about what abortion is. If this group wants to defend abortion, let them describe it. I challenge them to say exactly what they mean when they use the word abortion.’ Are they saying taxpayers should fund the decapitation and dismemberment of living children? Let’s ask them, is this what you mean?”

Father Pavone also noted that most Americans oppose taxpayer-funded abortion.

Priests for Life is the nation’s largest Catholic pro-life organization dedicated to ending abortion and euthanasia. For more information, visit


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