Evangelist Alveda King: “With Mexico City Policy, President Trump begins first 100 days with prayers and executive actions that promise healing for America”

Evangelist Alveda King: “With Mexico City Policy, President Trump begins first 100 days with prayers and executive actions that promise healing for America”

Alveda greets President Trump at National Prayer Service

Atlanta, GA – “The die is cast and the path is clear for America to learn that abortion is not health care. Abortion kills babies and all too often harms the wombs, health, psyche and souls of mothers. By reinstating the ‘Mexico City Policy’ which saves the lives of thousands of babies and women, President Trump is raising the bar for genuine concern for the lives and health of mothers and our children,” says Evangelist Alveda King, Director of Civil Rights for the Unborn for Priests for Life. The Christian Evangelist is a voice for life, women’s equity, and civil rights.

King, along with Bishop Harry Jackson, Pastor Darrell Scott and many other diverse presenters, was a featured speaker at the 58th Inaugural Prayer Service at The National Cathedral in Washington, D. C. She has long noted her confidence in God and not humans, and said: “It was just awesome to attend the worship service with President Trump, Vice President Pence, their wives and families. God will use not only President Trump, but all who are willing to heal America.”

“Thank you President Trump, for caring enough about the lives of women, mothers and children, by reinstating the ‘Mexico City Policy’ during your first 100 days in office.” President Donald Trump signed an executive action on today reinstating the ‘Mexico City Policy, which bars international non-governmental organizations that perform or promote abortions from receiving US government funding. The policy was enacted by the Reagan administration, only to be rescinded by the Obama administration in 2009, allowing during that time, for NGOs that performed abortion procedures to receive US tax payer funding for other programs, including those related to contraception access and post-abortion care.

Referencing data from the popular book RECALL ABORTION by Priests for Life colleague Janet Morana, Evangelist King reminds America that “abortion kills babies, and often injures and kills mothers. The wombs of the women of America have been under siege for far too long. Abortion and harmful contraceptives are not health care.”

Evangelist King also joins Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life in urging Congress to pass “The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act – H.R. 7.” According to Father Pavone, H.R. 7 will write the Hyde Amendment into permanent law; extending the measures covering all federal spending, as well as ending taxpayer funding of abortion providers through Obamacare.

“Currently, the Hyde Amendment, which has saved an estimated 2 million lives by restricting abortion funding for programs such as Medicaid, must be approved every year by Congress. H.R. 7 will make it permanent, so that it isn’t necessary to have this annual budget battle.

“By extending the Amendment so that it covers all federal spending, not just programs funded through the Health and Human Services spending bill, it will no longer be necessary for Congress to have multiple votes on multiple measures each year regarding abortion funding from various government funding sources,” explains Father Pavone.


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