Kings Unite: Reparations and Jubilee Must Include Ending Abortion, Restoring Our Families

Kings Unite: Reparations and Jubilee Must Include Ending Abortion, Restoring Our Families

“Don’t just give me a big fish today, teach me how to fish to live and bless my children.” Evangelist Alveda C. King

Evangelist Alveda King, Director of Civil Rights for The Unborn joins her goddaughter Angela Stanton-King, American King Foundation in redefining the current reparations discussion.

“Where the plan for the forty acres and a mule was derailed several decades ago, along with atonement for the past evils of slavery, there is a new deadly agenda, a tremendously heavy additional burden of harm against the Black community that has resulted in the more recent deaths of millions of African Americans; human beings dead by abortion in the 20th and 21st century,” said Evangelist Alveda King.

“These Black lives, Black losses by abortion – of one race/one blood human beings – should matter too. These losses should be included in discussions and any restitution due to the Black community for past and current hurts.”

Meanwhile, in an effort to continue to cull black votes, a liberal movement is promising unsuspecting members of the African American community reparations in the form of cash and checks while secretly planning to use tax dollars connected to the abortion industry to foot the bill.

“While a reparations discussion that is desperately needed to justly realign the resources of the African American community, references to the 40 acres and a mule alone won’t do in 2019. There is so much water under the post slavery bridge, including the harm from the Jim Crow Era, that a revisit to the effort of reparations for American Blacks is overdue,” said Stanton King.

“Today, we need so much more than the big fishy scheme proposed by the liberals. We as African Americans need to know en masse how to fish and to be liberated to ably feed ourselves and our children for a lifetime.”

As such, the massively deceptive $1.5 million per person reparations plan currently touted by the liberal agenda rings hollow. They have people thinking that they will be passing out big checks in payment to absolve racism. However, this is a pie in the sky pipeline of a dream of cash handouts that the liberal media and political machine are dangling before us in the unduly oppressed and emotionally vulnerable Black communities of America.

How is the liberal agenda planning to pay for this genie in their bottle benevolence? You can guess that they won’t be digging into the coffers of those who continue to benefit from the abortion deaths of our children.

In the past, reparations plans for ethnic communities such as the Native Americans, Asians and Jews have been culturally specific, with efforts of righting evils of injustice towards their communities.

These reparations included requirements and conditions for the recipients.

Now, especially because it is so long overdue, Black people need revived hope. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s reference to insufficient funds must now be addressed for Blacks in America and indeed all Americans. There are many imbalances where Blacks in America that are seriously and disproportionately impacted by the absence of these funds: the criminal justice system, the health system, the education system and the economy.

It must however be emphasized that because MLK was a preacher and a prophet during his sojourn here on earth, he would likely advise that our prayers for justice should include a huge dose of Gospel Jubilee in the formula. While human laws will be part of the process, the windows of Heaven must also open for us if justice is to be completely fulfilled; not in a colorblind America. We must put on our glasses and see each other as one-blood human beings.

Prayerful attention is therefore now hereby requested in regards to discussions consideration for a reparations plan for Black America; circa slavery and post slavery America:

1. Enlist the prayers and support of the faith community in this effort.
2. Extend a term limited tax credit to recipients.
3. Extend lines of credit without severe and unfair credit scoring.
4. Ban red lining by zip codes, social security numbers and zoning.
5. Ban unduly burdensome requirements for mortgage qualifications.
6. Award Full College Scholarships for those who want an accredited college degree. There should be no age restrictions.
7. Extend Tax abatements.
8. Wave penalties on compliance and qualifications on obtaining credit and employment for formerly incarcerated returning citizens.
9. Eliminate abortions as part of this process.
10. The above terms must be awarded in total and not parceled out.

Reparations & White Privilege – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Trevor Noah is an unabashed Trump comedic roaster who makes some clear points about reparations. As authors of this blog, we, Angela and Alveda are Frederick Douglass Republicans who deeply appreciate President Trump’s humanitarian leadership. However, we are willing to set political differences aside in favor of the greater good that is repairing America and praying for Jubilee.


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