Love, Prayer, Forgiveness and Faith Break Chokeholds in America

Love, Prayer, Forgiveness and Faith Break Chokeholds in America

Law enforcement officials applaud after President Donald Trump signed an executive order on police reform, in the Rose Garden of the White House, Tuesday, June 16, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Thanks to President Trump, his newest transformational Executive Order is bringing hope and sanity to our nation. The Safe Policing for Safe Communities Act, which bans law enforcement from using chokeholds, will help deescalate the senseless slaughter and violence ravaging our communities.

Under the executive order I’m signing today, we will prioritize federal grants from the Department of Justice to police departments that seek independent credentialing certifying that they meet high standards … As part of this new credentialing process, choke holds will be banned, except if an officer’s life is at risk.” – President Donald J. Trump

Along with this measure of intervention, President Trump has again shown leadership by continuing to host listening sessions regarding race relations. Due to these interactions, a major awareness of Juneteenth, a heretofore often overlooked holiday, is in the forefront. This history lesson is good for America. We are grateful for President Trump’s leadership and sensitivity.

Another bright spot on the horizon is the Department of Justice’s announcement of the launch of the Civil Rights Reporting Portal. This new online tool will make it easier for the public to report a civil rights violation.

“The department is committed to upholding the civil and constitutional rights of all people in the United States,” said Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband of the Civil Rights Division. “The Civil Rights Reporting Portal will make it easier for the public to connect with us, which in turn makes us more effective at upholding these important rights. I encourage the public to use this portal to report civil rights violations.”

As Americans, we should be very encouraged by these reports.

Meanwhile, we must continue to pray, to love, to forgive, and protest peacefully. We can peacefully protest by voting for candidates who support the sanctity of life, and the dignity of the one blood human race.

We are not colorblind. We can end the race wars by opening our eyes, seeing each other clearly as human beings; not separate races. We can learn to live together as brothers and sisters; not perish together as fools.

Let us continue to pray for our president and all of our leaders. “I prayed for freedom for twenty years, but received no ans

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