We’re Not Colorblind, Out Today From Stanton Publishing House, Stresses There’s Only One Race: The Human Race

We’re Not Colorblind, Out Today From Stanton Publishing House, Stresses There’s Only One Race: The Human Race

With the U.S. in jeopardy of fracturing along simmering fault lines, authors Alveda King and Ginger Howard’s new book, We’re Not Colorblind: Healing the Racial Divide could not have arrived at more opportune moment. Coming between the recent National DNC and RNC conventions, this book is just in time.

The authors are happy to release their “journaled journey.” This provocative release by Stanton Publishing House invites readers to think about race from a biblical perspective. Some readers may even consider their book to be divine intervention.

We’re Not Colorblind emphasizes that despite differences of ethnicity, creed and political beliefs, all people are members of a single race – the human race. The concept of separate human races is socially engineered by human beings; science and religion paint a different picture.

Jensine Bard, founder and CEO of Jensine Bard Ministries describes We’re Not Colorblind as “a moving and hopeful read that breathes healing instead of hurt, hope instead of pain – and powerfully so.”

While acknowledging the serious problem that divide Americans – problems brought into stark relief by the recent unrest over the deaths in police custody of Black Americans – the authors believe there are solutions to be found, and that everyone of us is key to bringing about reconciliation.

The answers to the societal problems we face are anything but simple, and our personal stories and national history are layered with complexity,” they write in the introduction. “Peeling back those layers to discover the roots of our pain will be vulnerable and uncomfortable, but without conversations to air out the wounds from the past, the dark depths of bitterness and fear will remain. But I believe that if we the people have the courage to have hard conversations amongst ourselves, we can empower conversations being had by our leaders.”

Evangelist Alveda King is a long-time civil rights and pro-life activist who is the Executive Director of Civil Rights for the Unborn for Priests for Life. She is the niece of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the daughter of the late Rev. A.D. King.

Ginger Howard has been involved in Georgia politics for two decades. She is a former radio host and founded a political consulting company to help elect Christian candidates for public office.

The two came together when they discovered a mutual appreciation for God and country.

We’re Not Colorblind may be ordered at www.NotColorblindBook.com

Also, will soon be available at amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. 

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