Watch Us On CBN News and Buy Our Book, WE’RE NOT COLORBLIND, Today!

Watch Us On CBN News and Buy Our Book, WE’RE NOT COLORBLIND, Today!

From two very different backgrounds and upbringings, two friends came together through unusual circumstances to write a book that will help bring our nation together. Co-Authors Ginger Howard and Alveda King share their personal journeys of how they became best of friends and how our nation can heal from its racial tensions. And they’re not colorblind.

“I had a dream one night that she and I wrote a book on racial reconciliation,” Howard said during a CBN News interview with the two women. “I told her about my dream. She said, ‘let’s do it.'”

“We have to stop looking at our fellow brothers and sisters as being of a different race,” explains Alveda. “There are differences of ethnicity but of one blood,” continues King. “God made all people together on the face of the earth. So we know that the human race, regardless of skin color and regardless of ethnicity, is one race.”

“Our dear and recently departed friend, Bishop Harry Jackson, wrote the foreword. You won’t want to miss his inspiring words,” says Alveda!

Please watch us today on CBN News and purchase our book.

WE’RE NOT COLORBLIND is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or you may purchase an autographed copy at

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