King, Stanton King, and Vega lead Peaceful Protest to Warnock in Atlanta

King, Stanton King, and Vega lead Peaceful Protest to Warnock in Atlanta


Photos by Neatra Turner – With Permission

Atlanta, GA – This week, Evangelist Alveda King, Former Congressional candidate Angela Stanton King and Atlanta Pastor Frankie Vega were joined by local and national faith leaders to peacefully protest Senate Candidate Raphael Warnock’s pro-abortion views.  Their theme, “Not on My Watch”, declares that they are exposing Senate Candidate Warnock’s pro-abortion agenda and encourage Georgians of faith to Vote for Life. 

The peaceful protest began and ended at Pastor Warnock’s Horizons Ebenezer Baptist church on Auburn Avenue in Atlanta, GA.  The route included the Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church across the street, where Alveda’s Grandfather, Reverend Martin Luther King Sr. (Daddy King), her Father Reverend A.D. King and her famous uncle Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. formally pastored during their lifetime. Alveda says, “I was raised by patriarchs Baptist preachers. They defended life from the womb to the tomb; anti-abortion; Pro-GOD.”  The original Historical Ebenezer Baptist Church building where the King Family pastors preached is now part of the historical MLK National Park. 

The peaceful protest began in front of the Horizons building where Pastor Warnock is senior pastor. The protesters marched from that location to the Warnock campaign headquarters on Edgewood Avenue. Upon arrival on their mission to deliver handwritten messages with bible passages supporting biblical views on life & family, the protestors were met at the door by Warnock’s campaign workers who promptly locked the doors, refusing their peaceful message.

See live video here.

Bishop Aubrey Shines of Florida left the messages in a crack in the door while Bishop Leon Benjamin of Virginia led the group in prayer.  The peaceful protest continued and ended at Warnock’s Horizons Chapel.

In addition, several local and national pastors and leaders participated in zoom calls, prayer meetings, a Call to Action Summit and the I AM A MAN 2020 protest in Atlanta this week.

A partial list of participants includes:

Bishop Aubrey Shines

Pastor Frankie Vega

Minister Vivian Childs

Pastor Jearlyn Dennie

YG Nyghtstorm

Angela Stanton King

Michael Lancaster

Pastor Larry Reeves

Pastor Craig Bennett

Daphne Nicely

Dr. Randy Short

Pastor Stephen Broden

Pastor Clenard Childress

Pastor Leon Benjamin

Catherine Davis

Paul McKennley

Pastor Walter Hoye

Bishop Dwayne Hardin

Evangelist Alveda King

Bruce LeVell

Alveda King, Angela Stanton King, Pastor Frankie Vega and Pastor Jearlyn Dennie are all available for interviews. 

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