The Inside Story of Trump's Pardon of Angela Stanton-King

David A. Patten

February 18, 2020

When best-selling author and BET reality TV star Angela Stanton-King received word on Tuesday that President Trump had just granted her a full pardon, she was literally overcome.

“I just started hyperventilating right at the airport,” she told Newsmax. “I was just crying like a baby. People thought someone had died.”

They rushed to get her a wheelchair; no one realized she was weeping with utter joy.

“I just had to sit there for a minute to digest it all,” Stanton-King told Newsmax in an exclusive interview. “…I always said that when I left this world, that would still be on my record.

“I just wanted to finally, truly be free. Today, hours before my birthday, it has happened for me … and I’m still in absolute disbelief, I’m in shock.”

There had been hints something was coming. Her longtime mentor, evangelist and Newsmax Insider Alveda King, the executive director of civil rights for the unborn with Priests for Life, had received a call a few days before from a senator informing her the president was working on Stanton-King’s pardon.

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