POTUS 45 Delivers Hope for America in 2019 SOTU Address


Evangelist Alveda King
Director, Civil Rights for the Unborn

February 07, 2019


In case you missed it, on February 5, 2019, President Donald J. Trump delivered his second State of the Union Address. In his visionary address, President Trump:

o   Showed true leadership by casting an inspiring and patriotic vision of American greatness rooted in loyalty and respect for all citizens.

o   Outlined a unifying policy agenda that both parties can rally behind to achieve this vision.

o   Called on Congress and the Country to “Choose Greatness”.

o   Communicated that the first choice for greatness is for Congress to reject the politics of resistance and retribution and instead adopt a spirit of cooperation and compromise so we can achieve it.  

Clear Outline of Issues and Solutions:

Creating a Safe and Legal Immigration System – The President reaffirmed his determination to stop illegal immigration, human trafficking, and the flow of drugs and crime.

Seeking Safety and Security for all Americans; born and unborn. - The president addressed late term abortion.

Protecting American Workers –The President called on Congress to protect American workers by replacing the NAFTA disaster with the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

·         Rebuilding America – The President asked Congress to deliver an infrastructure package that invests in rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure and embarking on the transformational projects of the future.  

·         Lowering the Cost of Healthcare and Prescription Drugs – The President called on Congress to pass legislation supporting the Administration’s efforts to lower the costs of healthcare and prescription drugs.

·         Protecting America’s National Security - The President reaffirmed his determination to protect American interests and bring to an end our endless foreign wars.


·         Bipartisan Border Security Package

·         United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Developing Fair Trade with China

·         Healthcare Price Transparency

·         Ending Global Freeloading on Drug Development

·         Defeating Aids in America

·         Standing up for Democracy in Venezuela

·         New approach to Syria and Afghanistan

·         Withdrawal from INF Treaty

·         Childhood Cancer Research Priority

·         Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

·         New Summit with North Korea

·         Empowering Women in Developing Countries - Women’s Global Development and Prosperity (W-GDP) Initative

·         Developing State-of-the-Art Missile Defense

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