MLK niece: Thank God for Trump's prayers

President has raised hope for 'life from the womb to the tomb'


May 03, 2019

World Net Daily

Civil rights activist Alveda King, a niece of Martin Luther King Jr., said she was moved to tears by President Trump’s address recognizing the National Day of Prayer, commending him for raising hope for life “from the womb to the tomb.”
“My heart was filled with love for humanity, faith for a gloriously transformed nation, and hope for a better day there in the Rose Garden of the White House,” she said in a statement after attending the event Thursday.
King is director of the activist group Civil Rights for the Unborn and director of Priests for Life’s African American outreach.
She said the “sincere prayers” of Vice President Mike Pence and of first lady Melania Trump “set the tone for Trump’s “impactful message.”
“As the President spoke, tears filled my eyes, and during the lovely worship song, I heard myself resounding along with many gathered there: Hallellujah!” she said.
King said Trump “reaffirmed “In God we Trust” in so many ways.”
“His strengthening of America’s religious freedom, his affirmation of the sanctity of life from the womb to the tomb, his compassion for those burdened by the opioid crisis; all of which are powerfully blanketed in prayer by those in support of the POTUS agenda, is so very encouraging,” said King.
She said that when Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein called President Trump a healer, “the resounding amens from among those gathered were remindful of the need of a great awakening.”
“President Trump recently said he believes in redemption. Indeed, God has placed America on a path to redemption,” she said.
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