“Thank God, humanity has prevailed” in case of British woman ordered to abort her child


Priests for Life

June 24, 2019


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Contact:  Leslie Palma


TITUSVILLE, FL -- “Thank God, humanity has prevailed,” Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, said today after hearing that the life of an unborn baby in Great Britain has been spared.

An appeals court today reversed a lower court judge’s outrageous ruling that a young, developmentally disabled woman should be forced to abort her 22-week baby, despite the woman and her mother both pleading for the baby’s life.

“Courts simply do not have the authority to order the killing of a baby,” Fr. Frank said. “In fact, no human authority can do that, whether court or Congress or King. As St. John Paul II declared in ‘The Gospel of Life,’ such orders have no claim on conscience. Not only are they not to be obeyed, but they are to be resisted by conscientious objection.

“God bless this child’s family, who knows that and took the actions necessary to resist this injustice. Now it’s time for all of us to resist the injustice of abortion in whatever way it rears its ugly head,” Fr. Frank concluded.

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