Father Pavone Tweets his observations On Democrat debaters


Priests for Life

June 27, 2019


TITUSVILLE, FL -- “All 10 presidential hopefuls in last night’s Democrat debate proved to American voters what we already knew: They are not fit to govern,” Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, said today.

Tweeting throughout the first session of the two-night debate, Father Pavone noted the hypocrisy of the candidates (and of their party) when it comes to protecting children.

“Notice the psychological compensation taking place in this #DemocraticDebate? They all smile and cheer for the right to kill #children by #abortion. But they cry out for the protection of children of immigrants, and the protection of children from guns.”

When Sen. Elizabeth Warren was asked if she would put any limits on abortion, Father Pavone Tweeted “Notice how Warren did not answer the question of whether she would put any limits on #abortion. Which means she would not. Nor would the party itself. Nor would anyone associated with any of these people standing on the stage.”

Noting Julian Castro’s mention of “reproductive justice,” Father Pavone Tweeted “Reproductive justice. Right, justice and baby killing have a lot in common. What a twisted world these candidates live in.”

In a reply to Father Pavone’s Tweet, Twitter user @can_you_bounce_em said, “What he meant to say is we will give babies the death penalty.”

The candidates failed to address one of the most important issues, namely, the makeup of the U.S. Supreme Court, which some candidates want to expand to 15 justices.

“Tell us, #DemocraticCandidates, what kind of #Judges you want on the #Courts. Tell the public about rewriting the #Constitution and getting ideas more from other countries than from our own Founders.”

On the topic of climate change, labeled the biggest threat facing the nation by several candidates, Father Pavone Tweeted, “The best climate change our country can have is when these Democrats and their party go away.”

In his final Tweet of the night, Father Pavone said: “The audience tonight at the #DemocraticDebate said the most important thing about where this incompetent party stands. The loudest cheer was to the statement that the biggest danger to our country is Donald Trump. There you go. The Dems have nothing to stand for, only against.”

Fr. Pavone and other members of the Priests for Life team will continue live tweeting the event tonight; follow him @frfrankpavone.


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