Dear Joe Biden, Donít call yourself a Catholic if you support abortion

Priests for Life sends an open letter to Democrat presidential hopeful


Priests for Life

September 23, 2019


TITUSVILLE, FL -- Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, today issued an open letter ( to Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden, challenging the former vice president, a Catholic, on his abortion advocacy.

“Nobody can or should force you to be a Catholic, and nobody can or should force you to be a defender of legal abortion. But you cannot be both at the same time,” Father Pavone wrote. “To claim to do so is an insult to all of us who proclaim and strive to live the Catholic Faith. And it invites the criticism that your public identification as a Catholic, while carrying water for the abortion industry, is simply the crass politics of seeking the money and votes of both constituencies.”

The letter asks Biden to either “conform your conduct to the Church to which you claim to belong, or acknowledge that you no longer belong to it.”

“To have it both ways is a cowardly act that does not inspire any confidence in your good judgment or ability to lead a nation,” Father Pavone said.

As he did when he called on Nancy Pelosi ( to either practice or renounce her Catholic faith, Father Pavone is asking supporters to sign on the letter to Biden.

The letter also points out a theme that Fr. Pavone constantly articulates, namely, that abortion is not simply a religious issue. The pro-abortion position of elected officials does not just violate the Catholic Faith, as well as the wider Christian Gospel, but contradicts the principles of public service, American ideals, civilized society, and the meaning of being human.

“Mr. Vice President, this is just the beginning of what will be a constant and clear challenge to you and your Party of Death in the coming year, and to all who support you,” Father Pavone said. “… We simply cannot allow you and the Democrat Party to get away with that any longer.”

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