Book Alveda King for a Lecture Series

1. How Can The Dream Survive

2. Life Liberty and Justice

3. Agape Love for the 21st Century

4. Civil Rights Then and Now

In these provocative lecture series, the relationship between righteousness and justice is explored. Alveda’s grandfather, father, and her uncle were civil rights warriors. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of a "moral Compass." In considering the civil rights of all people, the lectures examine how many people end up facing abortion, sickness, disease, poverty, incarceration and other undesired outcomes as a result of living in a "consequence-free" society. Social problems and solutions such as the high rate of school drop outs, failing school systems, the fallout from the sexual revolution, teen pregnancy, abortion/abstinence, unjust justice systems, links to poverty and crime discussed. Biblical solutions are applied. Talks are designed to suit the audiences being addressed.

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